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Twice this week

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We've done ok, and twice we've lost to sucker punch late goals. Where we fail is the defence switching off, we've conceded that winner at least ten times this season. The midfield lets us down with poor passing and :censored: decision making, Furman is the biggest culprit. Him going to SA will be a blessing in disguise.


I can't blame the manager for that today, I can blame him for leaving the Teflon Twins together in midfield, I can't blame him for a ref that disallows a perfectly good goal and misses a two handed hand ball, I can't blame him for Smith's dreadful miss but let's be honest we've LOST more than half our games now and only won SEVEN home games all year (2012) in the league.


It's time to go Paul, thanks for your efforts. You're a good man, but are not up to a relegation fight, and that's what we are in, mainly due to your insistence of shuffling the same 12/13 players around. Your introduction of Taylor was a panic move but it sort of paid off, despite you having little faith in our OWN players.


Only highlight today was the superb finish from young Taylor, judging by what we saw he should have been in a good couple of weeks ago. He's supposedly not ready, well :censored: me Paul, he looked it!



Dickov OUT!!!!

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