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  1. Opinions are subjective and a forum is the pace to air them. It's really no surprise, with meddlesome Mo around, that there are knee-jerk reactions across the board.
  2. Ah, makes sense then. I didn't read any pre-match articles, only the line up, which set me off on the rant.
  3. I'm definitely not complaining and totally agree that if it ain't broke, don't fix it...I just wonder if Dearnley is comfortable with that and not getting a regular start, or if he will feel aggrieved by it.
  4. Well, thank God for Dearnley. As long as he keeps coming off the bench to score, he will always be the bridesmaid and never the bride. Unfortunately he is in no-win situation. Did the Bamboozler have any impact when he came off the bench?
  5. I'm wondering if the tactic of 'impact subs' is going to be utilised.
  6. Shocking...this is not the Latics any more. The sense of detachment is immense. Is 'disfranchised' the correct term to use?
  7. I'd email this to Kewell so he can pin it on his dressing room mirror.
  8. It is bizarre not to start with all three and maybe Kewell is having delusions of grandeur. Perhaps the intro of Clarke will help remedy that situation. We shall see.
  9. I didn't watch it but was McAleny's lack of impact due to the team selection?
  10. Spot on. This messing around with line-up is baffling...ok, the return of Lawlor in the nets is a given but ffs, changing a winning team is just doing it for the sake of it, in my opinion. Squad rotation is not an option at Latics right now.
  11. I'm going to say blind panic brought on by his blistering pace.
  12. Having just seen the goal, I think the defenders were left for dead with his pace and that little feint he did to his left made the covering defender hesitate, Dearnley then carried on and finished well. A great goal.
  13. It's a good feeling to have your team finally get a win under their belt...I'm even tempted to say it's been coming.
  14. I don't know what we expect. There isn't going to be any "wow!" signings while the club is at this level and current circumstances. Every time any player signs, I am genuinely surprised they would want to join Oldham Athletic...have they not done their homework...or has somebody at the club got a silver tongue? I won't pre-judge any player until they have had a chance to show their worth.
  15. There is no actual money, just numbers transferred from one account to another with the promise of repayment with even more numbers. Cash is becoming a thing of the past. This pandemic is providing the perfect opportunity for retail and leisure to accept card payment only and they probably would prefer it to remain that way.
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