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  1. While I agree up to a point, I think the same 11 should be able to play and maintain consistency. Inevitable injuries etc. will always throw a spanner in the works and yes, the quality in depth is not the best.
  2. Some winning teams' fans have probably thought that about Latics.
  3. It hasn't made sense for a long while. Either he has very thick skin or someone has convinced him the Premiership is the bottom of the ladder whilst League Two is the top rung. Whatever, he appears is committing financial suicide and destroying the club at the same time.
  4. Football hoodoo! Same line up, same commitment [if that's even possible] I'll go 3-1. I know but it's a Friday and I have got next week off work.
  5. It's far from the real Latics, in my view, but understandably not everyone has the same viewpoint of what the club should or should not be or what it means to them, personally. I was chuffed with the result at Crawley, impressed by the performance which then served to raise my frustration that the wildly inconsistent and extremely poor home performances have cost the club the chance of promotion. My view of the inept buffoons who own the club was not changed. Southend managed a draw with Morecambe this evening, which does help to calm the nerves, although I think only another wi
  6. It's getting scary just how that bottom two is edging slightly closer, with Walsall, Southend and Grimsby each having a game in hand and Barrow with two in hand. Previous relegation points stats don't mean anything.
  7. I am saying current status, Chaddy. Honestly, I was genuinely pleased that the new stand actually came to fruition and yes, even thought it looked good. I am just so, so disillusioned with the club at the moment, not to mention quite angry. It's like I have had part of my life experience torn away by someone who I have no affiliation to.
  8. Bam must be well and truly effed off, which is exactly what he will be doing, come the end of the season.
  9. The stand...and I use the term loosely...was more effective when it was just three piles of sand there.
  10. As predicted, it will be scraping draws to the finish line. Subs were no less than baffling to us but obvious to Curle's defensive minded tactics, which only brought on the give away. Bahamboula must bamboozled by his lack of selection but we all know his contract extension is made for cashing in. And the circus goes on.
  11. I would have thought they have to actually care before their bottles will go.
  12. That won't have the slightest effect on them. The sooner enough points are on board, the better, although they might have to be gained trough scraping draws. Any more wins will be an unexpected bonus. A piss-poor outfit from the top down. They bear not even the slightest resemblance to the club I used to support and brought my daughters up supporting. At the moment, Latics don't really exist, it's just a shadow left behind by a once great club.
  13. Not really and it's not my call to make. My part is to support the club because it's all I can realistically do.
  14. Not a cat in hell's chance with this one. The best I am hoping they can achieve is another 0-0.
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