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  1. Not as crazy as it sounds [if it actually does sound crazy]. Curle goes, Sheehan steps in on a temp basis, injuries clear, results pick up, mid table safety....nah, probably just a pipe dream.
  2. Which means he will be bench warming for some time to come then.
  3. Meanwhile, Garrity scores his second for Port Vale! Ex Latics players all over the place scoring today and of course, it means nothing, apart from the fact they went to better managed clubs.
  4. When I think things couldn't possibly be any worse, I get proven wrong. It's not even anything remotely resembling a football team or a football club. What a fucking mess! It's not life changing but it is soul destroying and the apathy is growing. I am not currently a well man, I don't think I have the energy to fight the clowns in control but I can't help but care about the club itself and I fear the a football 'death' is on the cards. Latics will be soon so far adrift, non-league is inevitable. Curle really should go, he appears to be unable to get anything from this so-called team he has assembled but as already said, anyone brought in would struggle all the same. Last year's squad is beginning to look like Brazil compared to this lot.
  5. The way it's going, it will take either a miracle or the club folding, to prevent non-league football next season. Rumours going around of something nasty going on. Hired thugs?
  6. It doesn't take a great deal of imagination to see the media leaping on this rise in violence and connecting it with the protests on the pitch. Such a thing will not raise any sympathy for the club's plight with the general public or enthuse any potential buyer. More likely the consensus will be that the fans are hooligans, let the club go bust. A tad dramatic, maybe, but not beyond the realms of possibility.
  7. Of course, I hope the Latics beat them and while I never really bother about the ups and downs of other clubs, apart from when they go out of business, Salford seem to be one club I wouldn't be fussed about dropping out of the league and beyond. Probably a bit of envy on my part.
  8. Not done yet, apparently. Oldham boss Keith Curle outlines transfer hopes before window shuts
  9. The meeting is happening on Tuesday. Oldham supporters' groups secure meeting with Abdallah Lemsagam
  10. Ex Manager. Just ordered the book... "This Is How It Feels: An English Football Miracle" This is my Oldham Athletic, not the pale imitation I see before me now. The Lemsagams can f**k right off!
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