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Liverpool: What the Papers said

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Rarely-wrong Chron (special 12-page victory supplement with masses of stories player comments and pictures on sale):



Rarely-read Liverpool Echo:






Daily Express:



The Independent:



London Evening Standard:



Daily Mail:


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Independent and LES is the same report. Confused me for a second there :-) Great read though.


"They encountered not only the resolve of Oldham’s players but the weather, which spilled across the ground in brutal squalls. "


We should really make BP more of a fortress, with the weather, the temperatures, conditions, state of the stadium/changing rooms, 3 sides, partisan crowd!!!

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The Independent/LES report is excellent, I wish I could read that standard of report on all Latics' matches.


As for the Express, this cheesed me off:


No guarantees that Dickov will still be in charge when Everton head here in the fifth round were forthcoming from the Oldham hierarchy after the match, which speaks volumes for how the FA Cup continues to be perceived.


Typical example of a journalist with an ongoing agenda pointing out how the FA Cup is undervalued using any opportunity to perpetuate the idea. He obviously hasn't taken a moment to think or have a look at what relegation has the potential to do to a club such as ours.

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