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Autoplay Window keeps appearing


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I have just had a message come up on my screen to say updates have been made and I need to restart. I have done this but now every ten seconds a window appears on the screen then disappears a couple of seconds later. It says 'Autoplay' and has a picture of a torch along with a status bar with green dots flashing across it. There is a cancel button which I have clicked but it re-appears whether or not I click it.


It's not slowing anything down but it's a little bit annoying, as you can imagine.


Does anyone know how to get rid of it? Other than throwing my monitor out of the window, which I have already considered.




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I've not heard this one before - very strange!


What have you got in your optical drives?

Have you any USB devices plugged in like a camera, memory stick or mp3 player?


Run Ccleaner on the registry, and use ccleaner to clean out the junk.

Empty you optical drives, unplug said USB devices and restart.

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Guest sheridans_world

Yea, have you had an error with your CD-ROM/DVD-ROM? Thats the only thing i can think of. Other than that try your system error logs and google the error codes?

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