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Why can't we hit the target ?

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Whats going on with our players at the moment,

Peterborough 2ndhalf apart we are struggling to hit the target.

In the previous 3 game we must have created 30 + chances / half chances and yet i can only count 3 on target.

Every player is guilty , tonight for example Dayton had 3 shots from inside the box and each one cleared the floodlights.

Against Vale and Walsall away we had at least 20 shots and only 2 on target that i remember.

IF we can't even hit the target we will never score. our finishing is absolutley abysmal.

When i moaned tonight about it somebody in the mainstand said "yeh they are million pound players and we are loanees that's the difference"

The guy is missing the point , pub footballers and juniors score goals at whatever level by having so many shots at goal , a lot will miss , some will be on target and some of these will go in.

It doesn't matter what level you play at the same applies.

We can't hit the target , what are our players doing in practice !!!

Time after time we have half a chance in the area it it goes 20 yds wide and 10 ft over .

I think tonight their goalie had one shot on target to save from JCH , that was it and its the same nearly every match.

How many shots has Oxley had to save in the last 4 matches compared to this yet others have only created the same number of chances.

Come on LJ get these players doing nothing but shooting practise for the next week .

Embarassing is not understating the problem.

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We've been noticeably blunt up front all season. I'm not a fan of stats, but the possession we're having in games - and what we can all see with our own eyes - suggests that it's not creating chances that's the problem.


On the other hand, we scored 5 times in the second half on Saturday.


Consistently accurate strikers cost money unfortunately.

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