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  1. 31yrs old and this will be his league debut !!! it that right.
  2. Curle probably did take training then sat down with AL to discuss signings he wants to make . Argh but MO does them comes the reply. With any sense he’s half way home now.
  3. Is HK the first manager in Latics history not to be seen in the flesh by fans!!!!!!!!
  4. Anybody know if we will get ifollow pass for this if you paid last time??
  5. It wasn't just the subs that changed it but change of tactics as well. Played much higher up the park 2nd half & squeezed the midfield more. We should do this a lot more. As soon as the back 4 drop back the gaps appear all over our half giving them far too much room.
  6. I know the defence is shite but a lot stems from midfield. We just can't stop opponents from building up attacks. They get so much time and space between the centre circle and our area.
  7. And to think some said Sylla wasn't good enough to get into this team. They're completely spineless in midfield.
  8. Ironic, as well as PL clubs splashing money like confetti , Macclesfield and surrounding areas like Wilmslow and Prestbury probably have more millionaires than anywhere else in the UK!!!! Yet the football club goes bust.
  9. Barry boy ready to step up. Nowt to lose because we've already lost it all !!!
  10. Yeah should play the poxy tinpot cup first. Hope the EFL fixtures make financial sense !!!!! Can see the latics 1st 3 games behind closed doors being Bolton , Tranmere & Bradford..
  11. Can you renew S/T online ??? When i go through web site it just directs me to the ifollow page and asks me to sign up to that !!!!!
  12. What was that all about !!!!!!! I watched all the way through waiting for the last bit - So latics fans I am here to tell you that happy days will be returning , my consortium is reforming to buy the club and rid you of your misery. Complete waste of time.
  13. We were on top every month!!!! It was a running score based on something like 5pts per goal plus a win bonus and points deducted for bookings etc. The team leading the table each month won £2500 and Latics had a great start to the season , they were so far in front after 3 months even a poor month meant Latics were still on top. In fact it was Manure Utd that complained moaning that as we had such a big lead it was unfair to the rest and it should be reset each month. Thankfully they didn't agree and the rest is history.
  14. RIP big Jim, Gave me great entrainment when I was a kid. Could pass a ball with his head better than most could with their feet.
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