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Trust Oldham will now focus its efforts on several fronts, these will be:


Protecting the future of Oldham Athletic: Having a fan on the board of the club is vital in ensuring a debacle similar to that of the 'Chris Moore Era' will never happen again un-noticed. Whilst the Trust may be unable to stop such an event happening, we will be in a good position to see this happening, and have plans formulated to cope with such a situation.


Representing the views of the fans: The fans are the very soul of the club - there is no doubt of that. By having a fan on the Board of Directors, the view of many Oldham Athletic fans can be aired at board-room level. The Trust will always strive to ensure that fans are treated in a fair manner, and help build a fan-friendly football club.


Investing in the future of Oldham Athletic: The Trust will continue to raise funds to invest in the future development of the football club - starting at youth-team level. We will work closely with the youth set-up to help youngsters in Oldham develop their footballing talent so we can see more players like Chris Taylor, Neil Eardley, Deane Smalley and Matty Wolfenden progress into the first team.


source: http://trustoldham.co.uk/pages/about-us/constitution-and-aims.aspx

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