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  1. Are you related to Abdallah Lemsagam?
  2. Fine here, I presume you're pressing on the + on the right hand side? Apologies, basic I know
  3. Grassy Arse as you fell over as you bowled.
  4. I thought it would be interesting to abbreviate candidates statements to active sentences, to create tangible action plans for candidates statements. Their evidence, viewpoints and context are still in the original statements. Candidates Action Plans https://t.co/DDk5XyG7Td?amp=1 These are the OASF 21 objectives currently being undertaken, seeking help or complete.
  5. Proportionally. Corney 2 in 15, Lemsagam would end up 8 in 15. But he won't., and he's seemingly as skint as Corney now. Let's turn it the other way. How many were signed. How many were signed and went higher. How many were signed and left into obscurity. They're both equally lousy.
  6. I'm not raving about Corneys record. Corney didn't announce deals till they were done, rightly or wrongly. The point stated was Lemsagam is better than Corney but it's 2 examples in 100+ players.l, the difference is minuscule. Rangers rebuffed a bid for him by Peterborough in June, Gerrard wants him. The issue was off the field.
  7. I think someone might have paid £50k for the player we signed rather than the one we let go. . My point was that he wasted £100k in wages if you take 70% cut to furlough max and a potential sell on for the player he could gave sold much earlier but mismanaged.
  8. I'd really question that statement. I think Edmundson is worth more, and that will look a bargain. Most of the rest he let go for free. And Wheater, who cost him c£100k in wages and he let go for free too. He's had about 100 players and you can count on one hand the ones he git money for.
  9. Funny that, being as you haven't got the balls to do any of the hard work yourself.
  10. There was a motion to not attend meetings, but keep going in seeing and asking to see the information. That seems the idela solution IMHO, but still needs a Director appointed and in place as I understnad it.
  11. Not sure how you can say they spoke to cut the cord. Sell up yes, but everyone wants that, it's a case of who to. But lose the 3% that has no mandate IMHO. That would need much more discussion, vast majority of people are not aware of the consequences, that would be a desperate knee jerk reaction
  12. I can't imagine they have much issue be held to account, and should be, but the criticisms have gone way beyond that. How old they are, not advertising for posts, advertising too much for posts etc. It's long overdue, precious Reps on the Board have done a lot of damage but the more fans join the more representative it becomes.
  13. That's to the point of my issue. Obviously there is only so much PTB can do, and I have said brefore no reflection or criticism of them, but the 3,000 should be doing something and apathy is the bigger issue. But there has been huge criticism of OASF. Plenty is valid (like what has been achieved in 20 years), but it's unfair to expect PTB to have been able to achieve limited amounts in 18 months but expect OASF to achieve so much more in the same timescale, even less really since the last election. Especially when they have been literally begging for help. I'm not saying you've said that. Working together is the only way.
  14. Using your business twitter and work twitter accounts like that is just gob smackingly bad. I've not idea, and they seem convinced, but imagine that was not Karl Evans!
  15. Here is the OASF update. To me, they mutually complement each each other and a pinzer movement is what is needed with a neutral Contingency Fund in place no mattter who owns us. OASF board meeting highlights. Tracy Wright9 July 2021Leave a comment As you can imagine, we had lots to discuss at last nights board meeting. This weeks Club matters agenda item took up an un-precedent amount of time. So here is a quick summary and in no particular order of relevance. Asset of Community value. Step 1 in our strategy – Renewal target date 07.03.22 & on target. Draft was submitted to OMBC on 02.06.21 for feedback and followed up on 28.06.21. Second email included Councillor Abdul Jabbar. If no negative feedback received back, then we will formally submit by 02.08.21. Little Wembley is included in our renewal submission. Volunteers. Step 3 in our strategy. Amongst recent volunteers, we have 2 HR/recruitment experienced people called Darren and Jason. They have now linked up and have some ideas on organising the remaining volunteers. Email from the new HR guru’s to be issued soon. Thanks Darren and Jason. Website – Step 11 in our strategy to be able to take pledges/donations direct. On target for end of August launch. Overview next week of progress from web design team. Launch date will be confirmed once FCA have approved new site is legal & compliant to take money donations (pledges). 1895 Trustees/Guardians of the contingency fund. Feedback now in from FSA. Ideally, we would like 5/6 people a former player(s), legal person with trustee knowledge, 2 OASF directors, 1 PTB person if they wish to be included. 3 signatories on the bank account. 2 minimum to make withdrawals. TBA on more details Club rep. Monthly key marker questions checker – NEW. Snapshot of Rep’s monthly review of the “health” of our Club. Red, Amber, green traffic light system against each question. To be published on website in the next few days. Club Rep updates will continue. Fan Led Review radio interview – TBA on date. We have been approached with other panelist to give an overview of our involvement with the Government Fan Led review. AGM – update. EMG to meet next week. Closing date for candidate nomination forms is 15.07.21. Possible hustings W/C 19.07.21. Correction on members valid to vote. True number is 460 and Not 461. We had a duplication that was not picked up. EMG will be advised of the correction. Club Matters. Yesterday, we said thank you to Paul Murray and Dr Robert Beardsell for their dedicated and loyal service to our Club. We then discussed two areas of concern that needed more of our agenda time. Embargo – RED Status. We note that the Club never revealed the extent of the EFL loan. Transparency and honesty are two of the fan expectations. We are disappointed the Club has not made clear the conditions on similar lines as Scunthorpe United has. https://www.scunthorpe-united.co.uk/news/2021/july/club-statement/ Nor the possible impact on the calibre of new, quality players Keith Curle can source. We have concerns with regards to the owners 3-5 year plan and what now appears to be a shrinking budget. Is this budget sustainable and could it support a push to the top of the table? or will it be enough to keep us in league two? We have more questions than answers. Now more than ever, we need to know what the owners revised plans are for success, post Covid and we need a substantive response. Club Accounts for 2019/20 year – Step 15 in the strategy. Financials ensure full review of Club accounts and sound financial management. – RED Status. Philippa gave a summary. We discussed that the Club have failed again, to comply with the legal requirements we have as shareholders and renege on assurances and promises made 12 months earlier. A formal letter of complaint will be submitted to the Club. This will be an open letter. Philippa has kindly offered to do this as one of her last tasks as and OASF director. Thank you Philippa Proposal to sever ties with the Club – Amber status. As the hits seem to keep on coming, we discussed whether this is still worth time and resources to try and hold the Club to account for such little reward. We seem to be more reactive to Club news with fans demanding immediate answers to justifiable questions. Based on our recent experiences, a proposal was made whether our time would be better spent on non-club stuff. This was a very difficult vote that was undertaken. The decision was made that we must gather as much up to date intelligence on the financial health and running of the Club. These are what the FSA key marker questions are and as mentioned above. That if we cut the cord, we are doing this at critical time when intelligence is key. However, it was diarised that this should be reviewed by the new board after the AGM Thank you Team OASF
  16. This is like Cluedo. Was it in the Boardroom, with an unpaid rent bill?
  17. It's nice, but its not bespoke. It's was used last season by AFC Sudbury. https://www.afcsudbury.co.uk/news/afc-sudbury-new-kit-launched-2541854.html
  18. The Oldham Athletic font is the same as the Main Stand sign I think, I like that.
  19. Another update! Won't post the whole page. Michael Beech now has Head of Operations and Club Secretary as his title. Tryatan Jones replaces Matt Wood as Strength and Conditioning Coach.
  20. I really feel this gets to the core of the Trust/PTB dilemma. Trust has club origins, insight and rigid structure. PTB is organic, fluid, nimble, ground driven and small team led . It needs both IMHO because of the relative strength and weaknesses of each, I hope movement on collaboration can occur now there is some more representation among members.
  21. Absolutely fair question. It's not perfect obviosuly. Genuinely, it was planned, some advice suggested something different account wise would be better, that hit some hurdles. It's the classic do you wait for everything to be perfect and be accused of doing dragging feet or start it and catch up. I was always going to be far more available at that time and less so now onwards. On the whole, I feel starting it when we did, rather than more delay, is the lesser of two evils but i appeciate it is fine lines!!
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