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Notts V Lancs 20/20


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the day got off to a strange start with Leeslover arriving some two hours before we we're due to catch the train to Nottingham and to cap it all he was at the wrong station :o


Actually to be fair I told him to go to the wrong station and with the handy delays to the Central line I arrived way to late to catch the 11.55am to Nottingham!!! Eventually we did get the train but at the cost of several overs and with 20/20 this could mean a lot of action.


arriving at the ground we could hear the small Lanky contingent in full cry and so naturally we headed for the noise to find a dozen balckburn fans, a token Buuuuuurrrnnnnnnley fan, Liverpool fan and a pink cowboy! Yep I still managed to sing No Nay Never a few times much to the disgust of the ROvers fans :D



What Robin Hood would be wearing today ??



Leeslover in the b**8**d rovers end



A closely fought battle was eventually won in the last over by Notts after Patel scored 84 , but the result should have swung to Lancashire if he had not been dropped on 69 by Stuart Law.


For those of you heading to Forest in September make sure that you arrive early and give yourself plenty of time to check out Nottingham's No1 tourist attraction....... P1010570.jpg




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I’m fairly sure that the half bottle of vodka Mark drank on the train up dulled his awareness of what the Rovers fans (who appeared to have had a drop themselves) thought about his song choice :bat: It was all taken in good heart eventually though, except by the one of them called Johnny Tourettes, who was swearing for ten men, including calling Lancashire players Flipping Northern Chaps and so forth. They actually persuaded the stewards that he had a medical condition so he was allowed to let rip all game. Burnley boy James Anderson got a bit of a hard ride. Their song sheet included the regular anti Yorkshire songs, songs in praise of Matty Derbyshire, “If Robin Hood Was Real He’d Be Gay,” one about the mothers of Nottingham fans, their anatomy, carrier bags and lampposts which is probably best not repeated here, and many more. I was pleased to add, “Friar Tuck is Illegitimate,” to the collection but was gutted that I couldn’t work Maid Marion into any of the Posh Spice ones. We agreed with them that Lancashire is wonderful, but with a slight difference about the exact reason. Fair play to the Notts fans, a load of them came up to shake hands after the game and said we’d been a good laugh.


We found a pub that seemed to have matchday potential, and it’s within easy striking distance of Mower World. Looking forward to the next visit there when we will do to Forest what that bald bloke in the Blackburn shirt planned to do to their mums.

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