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NFL 2015-16 Thread

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Can't take my eyes off free agency at the moment as an Eagles fan especially - some very questionable moves by Chip Kelly, while excited at the prospect of DeMarco Murray replacing McCoy EDIT: turns out we've got him and are now trading our left guard, dismantling the whole squad - but other moves around the league like Graham to Seahawks, Suh to Dolphins, Revis and Cromartie to Jets have really captured a load of attention very early on.


The Colts are looking very strong signing experience in Trent Cole, Andre Johnson and Frank Gore to put alongside a young team, as are the Seahawks. Jets should be much improved too. Pats fans might be hoping for a decent draft.


Anyone else been keeping an eye over the past week or so?

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It's been awesome. There should be more trades like the Graham to Seattle one.


Suh's getting paid. I'm not too displeased with getting Ngati in as a replacement. We're definitely heading towards a 3-4 defence now though. I don't think we'd have kept Stephen Tulloch on if we weren't.


Remains to be seen how well the Eagles will do. Still no real answer at QB, even if they draft Mariota. And Murray touched the ball about 450 times last year; that sort of workload can do bad things to a RB's body. I think that's why they're after Mathews as well.


Colts have definitely done well out of it.


I'm saddened by Jake Locker's retirement. I wish he wasn't made of crisps, there's a very good QB in there.

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I'm coming round to our trades. The dynamic between Murray and Sproles works, maybe even better than Shady did, in theory. Can't see Mathews joining now though, too many expensive RB for the salary cap I'd have thought and we're looking really thin for receivers with Maclin gone. Huge fan of Kiko Alonso at Buffalo and that completes a very formidable linebacking corps and with the secondary much improved (don't forget the underused Boykins), I'm sure we will be looking to strengthen up front in the draft. Bradford for Foles is a strange one, both pretty like-for-like except Foles is younger and has had less time to establish himself in the NFL. Probably would've preferred a punt on Mariota; Kelly has said they've been offered first round picks for Bradford so you never know I suppose...


Worries me that we've signed such brittle players though, as you say. Alonso and Bradford still recovering from ACL's which is always a constant worry, and Murray has always been plagued by injuries. He's just trying to get rid of any trace of Andy Reid's team.


Going on about Eagles a bit but we are the story of free agency so far!

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