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  1. He's said in the press that he's the man to take us to the Championship That's enough for me to know the man's a clown befitting of our circus.
  2. How anybody can muster the effort to attend these fixtures anymore is beyond me. The same was said (mostly) irreverently during much of Corney's reign, but it now surpasses any of my understanding...
  3. Great post. Myself too, maybe aside from a caretaker down the line. If this new bloke doesn't survive until Orient away I won't see one of his either. These cunts aren't seeing a penny of my money.
  4. 'Maamria who is of Tunisian descent' I'm sure this will have been mentioned already, but what a strange thing to put into a statement. Are they now trolling fans? We're an absolute joke.
  5. Don't try telling fans how good it is when we're 22nd in League Two
  6. If you can't figure out that the chances are you're going to cause more aggravation by demanding fans sit than allow them the respect to stand when there's no obstruction you shouldn't be near a hi-vis vest I highly doubt a seasoned fan who travels to Plymouth to watch 3rd bottom Latics would attack a steward unprovoked. The 143 together yesterday have probably racked up enough appearances to have seen it all before...
  7. I wasn't there, but telling fans to sit down when there's 143 in a section which probably holds 1000+ supporters... Really?
  8. Would just never happen. Nor do I see how it could possibly be rebuilt in that style. That's of its time.
  9. The old girl. There's no finer place to watch a game of association football.
  10. Probably late for the party, but what graphic designers came up with these? Must've done it on Microsoft Paint. The absolute state
  11. The amount of money isn't the true problem surely, it's the incentives of spending If you gave a Chairman like Day more he'd manage to spunk it on some other outlandish ambition
  12. It's clear that the authorities must do more to tackle overspending by clubs so as to make it more normalised for other sides to live within their means. When a crazy owner comes in, like Stewart Day, and throws money he doesn't have to crack promotion other side's who also want to compete follow suit and the fans blindly back it, with little transparency to scrutinise what's going on until it's too late. (I hope the Trust are taking note of what is happening down the road) The buck stops at the EFL, who have let two charlatans take over Bury and then spend their way to
  13. This is probably the beginning of that movement, I'd have thought. Once enough have gone and League Two is full of Forest Green's and Salford's...
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