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  1. First game I've got to in donkeys. We're miles better than them on an individual level, which gives me hope when you look at their position in the table. Was particularly impressed with Clarke and McCalmont, and it's pretty clear McAleny is one of the best players in the league in terms of natural footballing ability, making his own chances and composure in front of goal. Unbelievable amounts of space in the midfield all game for a decent player to utilise - they didn't have anybody who could, and it looked like unless McAleny got hold of it nor did we, Ntambwe and Garr
  2. The amount of money isn't the true problem surely, it's the incentives of spending If you gave a Chairman like Day more he'd manage to spunk it on some other outlandish ambition
  3. It's clear that the authorities must do more to tackle overspending by clubs so as to make it more normalised for other sides to live within their means. When a crazy owner comes in, like Stewart Day, and throws money he doesn't have to crack promotion other side's who also want to compete follow suit and the fans blindly back it, with little transparency to scrutinise what's going on until it's too late. (I hope the Trust are taking note of what is happening down the road) The buck stops at the EFL, who have let two charlatans take over Bury and then spend their way to
  4. This is probably the beginning of that movement, I'd have thought. Once enough have gone and League Two is full of Forest Green's and Salford's...
  5. Is that really your line of thinking? Genuinely intrigued to know. I mean, you're not wrong strictly speaking...
  6. That this has been allowed to transpire as it has is shocking. To think that there are so many clubs who could follow suit is even worse. To think that we are one of them is the worst. Let this be a lesson to us all. The English Football League simply doesn't care about the wellbeing of its clubs. The ultimate burden lies with the fans of those clubs.
  7. For a club about to go out of business, their fans have hardly made a peep...
  8. If the abuse was personal then it's obviously not on, but being on the receiving end of a bit of booing and songs like 'what the fucking hell is that' is part and parcel of being a footballer. If you can't hack that you're not going to get very far... No player should fear for their safety or feel threatened of course, like - was it really that bad?
  9. I wasn't there, no, but what I do know is that the players chose to sign for this club - most will have been aware of who Abdallah Lemsagem was before they arrived. Let's be honest, a bit of swearing and shouting is mild histrionics. Questioning if they're grown men? Did you go to watch the youth team yesterday? Your post literally expressed no opinion whatsoever.
  10. The original post gives far too much weight to booing... They're grown men, getting booed for 30 seconds.
  11. Look at the state we're in. I'd love us to be shit because we're shit, not because some tyrant is using us as some surrogate for his dodgy players. Let's get this absolute fucking cunt out of our club.
  12. This isn't about personnel. It's about the systematic running of the club.
  13. For those of us who haven't been concentrating, why do we need a statement to let us know the stand will be open?
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