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League Tables at 17th March

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Where The Subscription League Points Went:

Correct result W,L,D – 24hoursfromtulsehill, chickenbaltipie, DavidCollinge, disjointed, GravityGrave, Handsy, laticdickovarmy, Latics_Fanatic, Laticsbiffo, LaticsPete, lookersstandandy, NewBlue, oafc21, Stevie_J, warwickshire latics

Correct Half Time Score Handsy, LaticsPete, lookersstandandy, Stevie_J

Correct Full Time ScoreHandsy, Latics_Fanatic, lookersstandandy

Correct No of Latics Goals – astottie, disjointed, Ex_pat, GravityGrave, Handsy, Latics_Fanatic, Laticsbiffo, LaticsPete, lookersstandandy, nzlatic, oafc21, stevesidg, underdog

Correct No of Opposition GoalsHandsy, Latics_Fanatic, lookersstandandy

First Latics Scorer – No one thought of Turner

Within 100 of Attendance (2,445) – rudemedic (-39), GravityGrave (+74)

Correct Attendance (2,445) – Obviously not


Very good performances from Handsy (who jumps 5 places into 3rd) and lookersstandandy (who climbs out of the Championship for the first time) with Latics_Fanatic also doing well

There were no predictions from aidan_latics, Craig D, MAC0AFC, Ryan, Simoncorneyisgod & Zorrro





Where The Free-to-Play League Points Went:

Correct result W,L,D – Carl Waters, Hometownclub, John Platt, maddog, steveoafc

Correct Half Time Score John Platt, maddog

Correct Full Time Score – No points here, but a couple of 0-3s and a 1-4

Correct No of Latics Goalsmaddog, opinions4u

Correct No of Opposition Goals – Hometownclub, John Platt

First Latics Scorer – Turner beat all the odds

Within 100 of Attendance (2,445) –No one got anywhere close

Correct Attendance (2,445) – Er, no


Welcome to Hometownclub, who picked up three points with his first attempt and could have had more if he’d predicted a half time score

steveoafc still keeps collecting enough points to maintain a healthy gap, but the race for 2nd, 3rd and 4th is close


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".....and lookersstandandy (who climbs out of the Championship for the first time)...."


....and at your expense too Bristolatic, for which I apologise! I'd like to say it feels good, sadly I had to predict a 1-3 home defeat for those points, which is so disheartening given the position we have been in.


I'm really disappointed in our former manager. I hope he gets his comeuppance at some point. As for our current plight..... I'll be at Crewe on Saturday hopefully to cheer us to safety....!

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