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  1. This is the most progressive comms to come out of Trust since its inception IMO. No Trust board or leader of the Trust has outlined a mission statement or strategy with as much clarity, thought and thoroughness before. We can nitpick if we want - for instance, I think the Trust should stay way from manager Q&A's, leave that to others - or we can take it at its word and judge 'Foundation Oldham' on it's behaviour - especially around fan representation on the board, Paul Hughes has to build confidence he's not in it just for himself, like some of his predecessors - from this poin
  2. All the 0-0’s above we’re 1-1, so they all did go to replays. One of the replays today has also ended a draw, and will need ruling on by the mods @Bristolatic @Stevie_J
  3. That's superb, I'll list all the missing games in the 1st post in this thread....
  4. Cheers. All updated in the original post. Anyone else knows of any that are missing, please let me know....
  5. I've had a bit of tidy up too.... if anyone sees any errors, links that no longer work because the footage had been removed, or any missing, please let me know and I'll add/delete/amend.....
  6. Have added this from Twitter. Link above. Can't find any of the others..... but will enquire....
  7. .....in the same way the Zak Emmerson money - allegedly - was used to pay Blitz's debenture.
  8. Yep. Timing is curious and this would certainly figure. Congrats to the 400-odd who've paid up, your money has - potentially - gone to David Wheater.
  9. Cheers @BP1960I've edited the original post at the beginning of this thread to include it. If anyone else spots any missing, let me know.....
  10. Barnsley have won 6 in a row in the championship & are now in the play offs. With the right ownership, our potential is no less than Barnsley’s.
  11. In our 125 year history, we've competed in 103 seasons of the Football League or the FA Premier League. If we ranked every season by the division we were in, considering Division 3 North & Division 4 to be equal, and then by Points per game, where do you think the last 3 seasons would rank out of 103? Answer 92nd, 96th (to date) & 100th. If nothing else, this shows how poor the Lemsagam's leadership of our club is. ...this compares to the best 20 seasons our club has had;
  12. I found it interesting to hear Paul say that the modern day player has as much to do with the lack of a reserve league than anything else. Its almost as if clubs/managers/head coaches have spent so much time convincing/conditioning modern day footballers it's ok not to be in the starting eleven, on the bench, in the match day squad or just in the 1st team squad, to such as extent that contentment with this achievement has brought about a lack of desire & moved the stigma elsewhere. In this case, not wanting to be in the 'reserves'.
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