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  1. Cheers. A 3-0 defeat. I’ll try to record it, convert it, upload it and post it in here….
  2. Exactly. His very first press conference with Wellens was some of the most uncomfortable viewing I’ve seen, and left me feeling very cold about our prospects under this very strange man. I was calling for him to tell us his plan within weeks, highly suspicious there wasn’t one…..
  3. Good point. I never think of them - him & Marshall - like that, but you’re right….
  4. We didn’t loan Bovis boys. They were all our players. Bosman fooked that up for all small clubs.
  5. That I've seen; 4-4-2 GK - Conor Ripley FB - Ryan Bertrand CB - Mark Hudson CB - Simon Webster FB - Glynn Snodin RW - Lee Croft CM - Neil Kilkenny CM - Korey Smith LW - Callum Lang CF - Gerry Creaney CF - Eoin Doyle
  6. No. I'm laughing as I'm typing old bean..... I found your 1st response LOL funny....
  7. Well, my posting that link was because I searched Arooj Shah - because YOU posted the story about Arooj Shah - hence it's hardly as abstract as you made out!
  8. Has anyone come across this before? All sounds very weird.... and who's Raja Miah MBE.....? https://recusant-nine.com/about https://recusant-nine.com/recusant-nine/welcome-to-oldham-part-vi-
  9. I can’t edit old posts like in the Latics Footage Index thread, when I come by more/new/recently uploaded footage though?
  10. Short of landing a Benham, a Landsdown, a Hemmings, a Sadler, Andy Holt is the best owner/chairman you could wish to have. Pragmatic. Honest. Thoughtful. A man with morals & a great communicator, who serves the townsfolk of Accrington with distinction.
  11. The latter. The Stockport County Supporters Co-Operative, that brought all their groups (inc their Trust - which unlike Exeter failed to run their club), under one roof, as told by Russ & Nick from The Scarf Bergara Wore podcast. Pompey Trust & SOS Pompey. Ashley Brown told us they worked together. Blackpool Supporters Trust & The Tangerine Knights, who Christine Seddon referred to as the provisional wing. Bees United, Brentford Independent Association of Supporters (BIAS) & Beesotted, their Fanzine/Podcast. Stuart Purvis told us Bees United was formed from BIAS and Beesotted was the voice. Our circumstances are different, but the lesson is the same.
  12. Thanks. We’re doing our best and we genuinely want to unite, not hostility and infighting, as that only serves Abdallah.
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