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  1. I think @GlossopLaticwas referring to your 4th division promotion in 2016/17 under the management of Gary Bowyer, when you were already boycotting/protesting. Christine Seddon told us (on the podcast) the Oysten’s put some money in to make you competitive in an attempt to upset the boycott. It didn’t work. The difference we have here, is that our clowns haven’t got the money to have a go at that…. In fact, we’ve even less than everyone else (we’re under embargo / Simon Jordan said we had the lowest budget in L2) & even when they did (spend some money), they blew it all on terrible footballers anyway.
  2. I don't know about that..... but I intend to be asking some searching questions about the meeting.....
  3. For clarity, all posts from the BPAS account are from me and are now initialled as such. The reason people are stating you are a lapdog for Barry, or you are Mike Halliwell, is because you are the one pedalling content that's clearly come from him/them, such as this; You're right about the protests having an effect. Something I'm very keen to see ramped up.
  4. As this is my manor, I can say with some confidence that the Express Tavern and the One Over the Ait are the closest/best options. The Pilot is not really geared up for football fans. if it’s a nice evening, there are 4 pubs along the river which would be worth considering as you can stand/sit outside along the wall overlooking the Thames. They’re called The Steam Packet, the Bell & Crown, the City Barge & the Bulls Head.
  5. If you can find the VHS, I can convert it to digital file and upload it to a platform for everyone to view.
  6. There are potential owners out there, the narrative that says Abdallah pays the bills, what will happen if he goes, is tantamount to Stockholm syndrome.
  7. You're right, I signed off as Andy so people knew.... but I'll switch to my personal account for this. I asked Matt (a Trust board Director) on the podcast - out today - why Jason & Paul resigned, on the basis I knew some people eg @Dave_Og & @unsworth blue would want to know. Matt told us, he didn't know. No reasons were offered by Jason & Paul, to Trust members or the board (of which you also sit). Nor have the board asked either, was Matt's reply when I pushed him. You collectively thought it best to move on. Ok, so I left it there. Your post above clarifies nothing in respect of why. There was one reason why the Trust's membership rose sharply Tracy, and we all know what it was.
  8. That assumes the owner is present though. He’s not been seen in the country for months.
  9. You’ve got hinchy in twice there…..
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