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  1. Didn’t Wellens have him on trial at Swindon and say no?
  2. https://footballleagueworld.co.uk/exclusive-bradford-city-open-talks-in-bid-to-sign-league-two-attacker/
  3. ...is there? Karl seemed to be going off piste (and good on him) to me in an attempt to bring the Academy & Paul Murray into the bosom of the club, given that it had, and I quote... "...it's been left to drift....". This all under the watch of our great Sporting Director. What Sporting Director who was any good, wouldn't be working closely with the Academy? "Mo tends to concentrate on recruitment & training the 1st team, he does have an interest [sic in the Academy], but I don't think he's got that skill set" WTAF?
  4. ...where’s the incentive for Phillpot to do Mo's bidding, without it though.....?
  5. You know it’s a fallacy about as much as I know it isn’t. It’s a theory, pieced together by a series of undeniable facts and reasoned logic.
  6. A year with the kids, a lack of match sharpness & another season with a poor return of goals could be the event(s) that bring about a premature end to his career. So Phillpot says, just get your head down for this season. Keep yourself fit & relevant by scoring a few worldies and that’ll ensure we get you one more pay day in the summer. We can fook Oldham and these clowns that run the place off then. It’s a perfectly plausible argument for why he’s been involved and Woods and Wheater haven’t.
  7. Its not a compromise between the club and Rowe tho is it? It’s very much one sided in that regard. Do what Marco & Mo say, or you’re banished to the youth and will never play for the 1st team again. We’ve seen this scenario play out countless times.
  8. Phillpot to Rowe, “Danny, you’re causing me a fkin headache here lad, demanding all this Furlough top-up money, can you knock it off?” Rowe to Phillpot, “...but they owe it me Lee...” Phillpot to Rowe, “Listen, just agree to what they want for now & I’ll try to get them to pay some of it later.” Rowe to Phillpot, “....and what if they don’t....?” Phillpot to Rowe, “Look, they’re gonna be proper c*nts to David & Gary, you’re 30 now, this is your 1st league club, you wanna keep your head down, score a few goals and then we’ll fook em off at
  9. Not necessarily. Maybe pressure was applied to ensure one party didn't lose face.
  10. Facts - All 3 players are with the same agent. - Dino didn't want Jombati. - Rowe was one of the original players that wanted the club to top up the Furlough money. While Wheater and Woods were banished to the youth, Rowe's issue got resolved. Educated guess (that is almost certainly correct) - Mo knew fook all about Jombati. Conjecture (that doesn't require Hercule Poirot's involvement) - Lee Philpott was involved.
  11. Danny Rowe, Carl Piergianni and Sido Jombati are all with the same agent LPM, run/owned by former Leicester full back Lee Philpott. You can see a conversation happening between Mo and Mr. Philpott which was mutually beneficial. i.e Mr. Philpott got Danny Rowe to back down in exchange for us taking on Sido Jombati. Because you can be sure as eggs is eggs that we haven't scouted Jombati & we know Dino didn't want him. In fact, unless the Head Coach expressly requests a specific player, because he's worked with him before, or he's seem him play a few times and rates him, I doubt w
  12. Are you on Twitter John? If so, follow the OWTB Prediction League account and everything you need is there.... https://twitter.com/OWTB_Prediction?s=20
  13. It is reasonable. However it only really works if you've got them on 2-3 year deals surely? 13 of our 19 contracted players are on 1 year deals.
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