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  1. There’s a drop down menu for goalscorer.... could you not do the same for Match as well? Might help some folk remember to chose the correct game?
  2. Much of the contributors have migrated to a WhatsApp group.... if you’re based in the south and want to join? - although I suspect the Forum would be used again if we were able to meet up at games....!?!
  3. Yep, they’re shit, we’re very shit.... anyone blowing smoke up the Lemsagam’s arses are fkin certifiable.
  4. We’ll find out soon enough.... but they’re not.... I’m looking at Carlisle & Southend nervously.... You going 1-1, yeah?
  5. Cant wait for you to be back so I can smash you all over the park....
  6. Last call for any of those who've played before to rejoin. This season, all predictions are done via the following weblink: Prediction League @a259, @jorvik_latic, @GravityGrave, @Runningman, @Ak's11, @daniel, @josh_latics, @Lee Sinnott, @L1onheartNew, @maddog, , @Monty Burns, @oafcprozac, @ajw65, @BJBlue, @Carl Waters, @chickenbaltipie, @Craig D, @dave_ragg1984, @John Platt, @JoshOWTB, @laticdickovarmy,@LaticsChris, @LightDN123, @MAC0AFC, @mikebOAFC, @NewBlue, @pk200, @RobOAFC, @Scapegoat, @Stainrod, @steveoafc, @underdog, @warwickshire latics
  7. Last call for those with divisional places; Premier League @rosa Championship @pjkent League One @Macca @yarddog73 @OAFC1984 @Ryan @mcfluff1985 @maximus1267 League Two @kowenicki'smoustache @another fan @L1onheartNew
  8. There are some OWTB personalities & regular contributors that are missing from the Prediction League participants list from over the years, it would enhance the competition & be great to have some of the following involved; @archiecat, @boundaryblue80, @ChaddySmoker, @Clifford, @Crusoe, @deyres42, @Gaz_Oafc, @Hands on, @kowenicki, @Lags, @latics22, @League one forever, @mikejh45, @OAFCMIKE, @oafcshuck, @OLDHAMADE, @PlayItLivo, @Ritchierich, @unsworth blue, @unsworthlatic, @UsedtobeWozzer, @wiseowl, @Worcester Owl , @2uptop, @beag_teeets, @Barry Bosnian, @Break The Silence,
  9. What happens to the money raised from your £5 entrance fee you might ask. Firstly, in memory of Dave Stringer aka @opinions4u, a respected OWTB member/contributor and whom the Latics Forum is on OWTB is affectionately named after, 50% of the money raised will be donated to his chosen charity, The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Charity: https://www.roycastle.org/ Secondly, OWTB is run/managed by volunteers and is an independent / free fans forum that (if you're reading this) I assume - like me - you value. 50% of the money raised from Prediction League will be donated to OWTB r
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