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  1. We want the dosh, as do all the EFL clubs, on offer from the proposal, but don’t want to concede greater voting rights to the big-6. 4 reps from each EFL division will be involved in further conversations. Edit: Karl has confirmed on Twitter that this is just a proposal. We’re doing some ground renovations, some forced on us by H&S, some by choice. He also said we’ve got some work to do with the floodlights, like we should all be surprised and sympathetic that maintenance costs need to be budgeted for. He wants fans back in the ground, says ministers ar
  2. Highlights package here; also available in ‘Latics Footage Index’ thread, pinned in the main Forum.
  3. ....esp given we beat them en route.... full highlights of which can be found in here;
  4. You make a sound case Dave.... and any laundering - if indeed it is/was ever a consideration - isn’t going to net them much given our turnover.... but, they (all 3 brothers) stand to earn directly/indirectly if they place their clients with us and (this is the crucial bit) can move them on for profit....?
  5. Said it as far back as May 2018, I thought the owner was clueless. He still is, he’s learnt nothing. But be under no illusion, the reason we have such an fantasist owner and his hapless brother, is because of Blitz. They’re all cunts.
  6. Any cunts on here still arguing in favour of time for these fookin clowns running our club?
  7. ....moved in round the corner from me.... was thinking of knocking on and seeing if he fancies joining OASIS....
  8. Sports editor for the guardian just on talk sport says Premier League will dole out some cash to lower leagues to help through winter. Reckons it’ll save some clubs but others will still go pop anyway.
  9. Listen, I’ve got 1 star above my crest, which is one more than you.
  10. Aye. Hopefully that’ll help folk realise what game they’re predicting for. Would be even better if you could make it default to the next one every time.
  11. There’s a drop down menu for goalscorer.... could you not do the same for Match as well? Might help some folk remember to chose the correct game?
  12. Much of the contributors have migrated to a WhatsApp group.... if you’re based in the south and want to join? - although I suspect the Forum would be used again if we were able to meet up at games....!?!
  13. Yep, they’re shit, we’re very shit.... anyone blowing smoke up the Lemsagam’s arses are fkin certifiable.
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