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Playershare meeting notes from 18.03.15


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Dear all


Apologies for the lateness. Here are the notes from the Playershare meeting on 18.03.15. It was short but sweet


Attendees: Peter Newell, Chris Hill, Janet Winterbottom and Tracy Wright


Apologies: Rick Attwood, Craig Lavis, Stacey Longsden, Will Holding and Ian Lancaster


Update from the club: No news


Finances: Via Rick Attwood, well done all with regard to funding a second player this season which is Rhys Murphy. This is a first for Playershare. With this second player, funds are low with £1,790.00 in the bank left. We have also had four new Standing orders set up too.


Marketing: Via Rick Attwood. The Trust have arranged a playershare fundraising event on 18.04.15. This is an evening with latics legend Ricky Holden. Evening is at the Milan Bar in Lees and tickets are priced £8.00 per person and includes a supper. Tickets can be purchased via Paypal, or other alternate methods. Promotion for it will be on the Playershare facebook site, Trust site, Chronicle too. We need a least 50 people to make money for Playershare.


End of season: Tracy Wright to draft a "thank you " to go in the programme as well as on other sites too


Fan suggestions/Ideas: None


AOB: None


Next meeting: TBA on date will be pre season and hopefully in the new stand

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