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  1. they were apprentices, I think one was called Ashley, Nicky henry was one and Mike Flynn is stood next to Willie Donachie....hmmm...struggling with the rest
  2. Step 14 of the 21 step strategy has been ticked off. MOU signed off We thank the FSA for their support on our 16 month journey. The next part is the first Foundation/Club board meeting and we will keep you all updated
  3. FSA publishes article on our work
  4. I can probably name more of this lot than our current squad - what a blast from the past. Cheers When is the last time we had a squad photo? when Corney was still here?
  5. I am not happy with Matt. I told him to dub my voice as Angelina Jolie..hehe. I was actually more nervous about doing this than standing up in a room of 150 latics fans..how weird. I did waffle on too Sorry if my voice is like nails on a chalk board.
  6. The Foundation has requested SAG reports under the Freedom of Information act, from the council. This is to see if there is anything on record for any stand and remedial action. Hammersmith and Fulham council publish the reports for Fulham and QPR on council website. We have had to appeal their rejection. It is called requesting a review and we have chased this twice now. The second part is fan representation on the SAG team, again council are challenging it and are seeking outside legal advice. Even though other supporters are on their local SAG teams. Robins Trust fo
  7. One of the outcomes of the objectives of the new strategy was FOC membership to Foundation Oldham We are pleased to announce that the Foundation board approved this and we have now completed this step. Interested in becoming a member? Then click on the link to register on via our website Thank you
  8. Another one of the strategic steps ticked off today. Foundation Oldham are offering Free of charge membership. Interested? Then all you have to do is register via our website Thanks
  9. That's my view, both supporter groups tap into each other strengths and support each others weaknesses. The war chest is the contingency fund and planning for all scenarios, Club, stadium or both. We are mindful that we need to be thinking outside the box when it comes to some serious cash. If we can pull off the partnership with OMBC and Oldham college, potentially it is revenue that could help us smash the glass ceiling of league one of most fan owned clubs. fingers,toes and anything else we can cross Bit we need some serious hands on help, this is critical. We can'
  10. I did not take it so my friend. There is a bit more devil in the detail that we have already started, but yes I take your comments on board. Like the idea of a letter too We'd be foolish to say we have thought of everything, hence meeting with PTB next week to see what they have to say and what their focus groups have been working on Please feel free to pass comments the more feedback we have the better
  11. TBH, I am getting a bit knackered with it all and it as getting at me all the negative stuff up to last week especially twitter as it can be really toxic. You can read it an d think wow....why the chuff do I bother?....beside the hubby saying you on that damn laptop again...hehe Additionally, there are only so many hours to give after working fulltime, cooking some burnt offering for the ball n'chain, shoving the vac around and getting the dog to take me for a walk..hahah But the strategy is now out there, we have just got to pull the threads together now It
  12. one ticked off is the MOU, others we are chipping at, PTB meeting next week to see if there is any synergy with their working groups at all and council want to meet us again soon
  13. it had to be done, we may have the turning circle of HMS Titanic, but we have to be best ready as we can be....its going to take lots of effort and skillset on this journey together
  14. buggers have nicked our idea for the name we were thinking 1895 pledge. However, FSA do ask caution on supporters investing in their club. Its on the radar OAFCmeety, cheers
  15. I hurt my brain coming up with that haha But it's a way for the foundation team to remember it easier
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