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  1. I echo the sentiments too Singe. Hope it does not come to it and family first always.
  2. Link to Trust statement https://trustoldham.co.uk/2020/09/21/latest-news-from-boundary-park/
  3. I will be honest Dave. It is the Trust AGM this week. Members have already emailed the Trust accounts (to be voted on) and what the figure is like now. The unaudited accounts are already at Companies house The FSA would be on hand as well with funding streams made available There is always the other 3rd party shareholder. Maybe they might sell?
  4. There has been lots of information produced by the FSA on what we fans can do and ways/methods of pulling together. I will put the link here. There are some good suggestions on how fans/supporter organisations can pull together. It is a start like the survey above is too. https://thefsa.org.uk/news/clubs-in-crisis-guidance-for-fans/
  5. TBH, I think the whole fanbase did after yesterdays result I am sad when it comes to us as fans falling out. Everything just seems toxic at the moment. But it is not worth you sanity. The only certainties in life is death, taxes and a latics result to ruin your weekend....grrrr
  6. This week the FSA published two articles on the Sustain the Game! campaign. As you all know your Trust firmly supports this initiative. One Article is on the sad demise on Macclesfield, the second is how you as an individual fan, can help to make a difference https://trustoldham.co.uk/2020/09/18/this-weeks-fsa-articles-on-sustain-the-game-campaign/ Thanks
  7. The FSA this week released two articles and we have put them on our website https://trustoldham.co.uk/2020/09/18/this-weeks-fsa-articles-on-sustain-the-game-campaign/ The first article is on the sad demised of Macclesfield, the second on how you as an individual can help make a difference Thank you
  8. They are literally on the last leg tomorrow another 20 plus miler and they arrive at the Roy Castle HQ. Good luck lads.
  9. I get that too But remember the two who went in yesterday, might not be part of the Trust after next weeks AGM. There is also the members survey to consider Now the MOU does set the tone. I should know I drafted the 4 page document and the FSA signed off on it at the time I left. I believe the MD did sign off on it, but was waiting final approval from the club board. Advising the new CEO that there is one tentatively in place gives and we don't have to start from the very beginning. it just needs that last sign off
  10. Maybe I am missing something here and apologies if I have I thought it would be well received that some sort on contact had happened by the CEO with the two supporter organisation and within a week
  11. To be honest it came around so quickly we did not expect any sort of response until after the AGM and we knew PTB had a confirmed meeting too. I said lets touch base with the new CEO, Mike said he sort of knew him and would plant the seeds of the Trust. Paul in Philippa's absence as leader, said he would make formal contact by email/letter over the weekend. A welcome to our club any chance of meeting kinda thing and I think this was originally Darren's own meeting booked in at the club and it morphed into this more or less overnight. A first ten
  12. I get it, but the new Trust team are not in place until after next weeks AGM Yesterday was an opportunity that came around quickly and we decided it is better to at least to make a start The MOU is specific on the information Trust/fans want the frequence of the meetings and the quality of information to be published. We I originally resigned it was 4 pages long This document is the gauge on the how happy/not happy
  13. We get it. We did not want to go in with "we demand kinda attitude". Especially the Trust personnel who went in, might not be around after next week's AGM and the tone had been set. Its a tentative step, getting the MOU signed off and the first meeting booked in is the key step. Getting the club to commit to regular meetings with set agenda should help with the transparency and openness on key items like finances. Getting the feel good factor back, pride in our club, better fan engagement.....well the CEO has a task on his hands
  14. TBF, Trust AGM is next week, so there might be a change of personnel at the Trust end. It's planting the seeds as well as engagement with supporters organisations, listening first hand. PTB lads I think are in today as well. Its good that he has in one week, met both supporter organisations. Its a start rather than being fobbed off.
  15. Trust update today We have been at Boundary Park for a meeting with Karl, the new CEO at Latics… https://trustoldham.co.uk/2020/09/17/trust-oldham-meeting-with-karl-evans-oldham-athletic-ceo/ #OAFC
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