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  1. New board and new outlook is for us to "be ready". This is what we took from the FSA training we did with PTB in October. Some boxes we ticked, we are a company, we are the nominator of the ACV, we are a shareholder who has a Rep to the board, some boxes we needed to work on. Now is the time we have to do the responsible thing and making ourselves ready for fan investment/ownership or both. Plan A, B, C I affectionally call them. Plan A = Asset of community value. Our work with the landlord and our right to bid if BP became available to buy. Our Pre-trigger work.
  2. Dear all, We did plan to do the Harry Kewell Q&A next week, but a re-arranged footy match got in the way. So, we had an opportunity to bring it forward. Thanks to Harry, Jack and the members and fans who submitted questions. The link below will take you to YouTube to view the recording. Your tube Harry Q&A
  3. Dear all Hope you are all safe and well. Please find below link to Club update from Acting vice chair January meeting notes Notes contain update on MOU, SAG/FOI request, Trust rep update, Strategy and contingency fund ideas for the future Don't forget if you have a question for Harry Kewell. Email hello@trustoldham.org before 8pm tomorrow Cheers
  4. No worries, I could not get my head around it myself (being blond) until Jorvik explained it to me that way several eons ago now. They are the two key players in our on going saga. This is why we need three plans to cover all eventualities Club, Ground, both.
  5. its easier to think of it as a landlord V tennant set up. Al owns the club in name only - tennant Blitz and Gazal are the landlords. They own the pitch, 4 stands, little wembley, OEC, carparks and pockets of land surrounding BP. - what the ACV covers via the Trust as a nominator Its not unique set up in the EFL but it is dysfunctional as it is not "whole" I know that club and gym pay rent/lease. Unsure of shop and OEC. Trust ACV research and work should bottom the figure out as well as having a valuation...this is going to cost money if we can't
  6. Trust is looking into something similar. Leave a legacy. Norwich Trust has them. I think its bronze statue of him in his seat. I think this is great and bless him
  7. Yikes....First I am female, second I have worked with all three reps. Maybe I do have more facial hair then all of them combined - lockdown hair, I am unsure about bigger cahoonas though. Does having Birkett in my face raise my profile? or the club complaining about me over over one word I posted on here in November 2019 (yes the club monitors this board). However, maybe my charisma is wearing thin as I have yet to receive my post AGM call from Barry and having him explain his thoughts on our voting system and fairness of the process...Damn and blast that missed call.
  8. see trust website page and no, 6 months max if triggered..however..... http://www.trustoldham.org/acv/
  9. HI Andy The Trust set itself new objectives in our January meeting on how we need to be ready to ensure future football in the borough of Oldham. This will include work with the club, landlord, OACT and academy. We need lots of help and support. All are on our website and appeals have been going on twitter and on the OldhamHour. Specifically, the work with the landlord is the ACV on Boundary Park. There are two steps to complete 1) The renewal due 2022. This includes work with the council and the landlords. This will bottom out the future of litt
  10. Good news. Trust Oldham secures Q&A with Head Coach Harry Kewell. To find our more. Please click on the link to Trust website Cheers
  11. whoop!... Shame the sodding uprights are getting in the way today...grrr. Interesting to see Hamer link up with Bahamboula
  12. Dear all Wishing you all a safe New Year and the best for 2021. Today, the Trust acting vice Chair Paul Hughes has written a Club December update. Please click here to read it Be safe and take care
  13. hope they put those frost covers down, slight snow flurries in Royton this Xmas day. Match on? Match off?
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