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Oldham Athletic FC The Future - Surveymonkey Results

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Carried out a survey on Oldham Athletic Fans Group Page - 45 respondents. To the best of my knowledge, not seen any other survey so may be of interest. 

To be fair, I was quite surprised and quite pleased that 45 people responded to my survey about Oldham Athletic and the future. I pulled it after criticism that it was set us as an anti-Abdallah survey (if it was, It was not intended) Anyway just sharing my results as I have nothing to hide


For those 45 who chose to respond to my biased survey, the responses were as follows:-


(1) Do you regularly attend Oldham home games?

Yes 82% No 18%


(2) If No to Q1 - would you consider returning to watch home games

Yes 94% No 6%


(3) Are you satisfied that the current owner is running OAFC in the best interests of the club?

Yes 27% No 73%


(4) If No to Q3 - what concerns?

Financial Management 28%
Recruitment of non-playing staff - ie sporting director 19%

Recruitment of players 28%
Treatment of players and staff 11%
Other 11%


(5) Would you consider taking action action if you feel owner not acting in best interests of the club?

Yes 70% No 30%


(6) If yes to Q5 - what actions?

Boycott as individual 22%
Boycott as group led 0%

Attend town centre or equivalent meeting 20%

Protest BEFORE the game 37%
protest AFTER the game 9%


(7) Are you confident OAFC will still be in EFL after next 3 seasons?

Yes 42% No 58%


(8) Are you confident that OAFC will remain solvent for next 3 seasons under current owner?

Yes 47% No 53%


(9) How confident are you that OAFC might be able to have a brighter future under new owner?

Very confident 13%
Quite confident 24%

Neutral 40%

Confident they wouldn't 11%

Not at all confident - this would be end of OAFC 11%


(10) How would you feel if OAFC would fall out of the EFL or be liquidated in next 3 seasons under this owner?

Devastated & blame current owner 64%
Devastated but accept natural end irrespective of owner 27%

Others 9%


Absolutely no idea what use this is to anyone and am sure some will criticise its findings but I am publishing responses for the 45 respondents - make of it what you will. #nothingtohide

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