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  1. without any word of cynicism, clubs like ours need this type of supporter - I hope a fitting tribute to David can be found I am sure Latics will have some similar - i truly hope so Good luck to the Dale, hope we lock horns again in league one soon Will be contributing to Dave's fund as a mark of respect to a true football fan, albeit not of my team - respects
  2. Lovely to hear of that story about David Clough a diehard Daley who has passed away and as bequeathed his estate (£0.25million?) to our neighbours, I hear they are planning a number of projects in his memory including a statue so he can still be there. Lovely touch from him and them, nice story in a cynical world
  3. Delighted with the result, Latics took their chances, Salford fluffed their ones. Nice to beat them, as someone alluded to "a Vanity project" Home form turning round now, think it will be more of same from hereon in Highest position in season - well done lads
  4. Was thinking same NZ - was only a 4 goal burst as far as i know. He was interesting, scored something like 30 goals for Wrexham and only 2 at the Racecourse Ground, obviously made a living off playing off the last man away from home
  5. Went to Chesterfield in the FA Cup in 1971/72 when he bagged a hatrick and we lost 3-0, remember someone saying "Wish it was Randall that f*****g disappearaed" Randall & Hopkirk for those of a certain age)
  6. Biggest villain of them all - I give you Keith Edwards Also horrible memories of Kevin Randall and Ernie Moss (both Chesterfield) and Derek Hales (Charlton) - the latter even scored against us once when it was actually before the official kick off time (ref started 3 minutes early for some reason - by the time all others kicked off, Hales had bagged) Another name to conjure with - our very own Keith Hicks who netted a few against us over the years
  7. I went to that game, can't recall much about it other than we lost 1-0 but think the crowd was around 10,000
  8. Hiya Another Fan. I think Latics record for away wins in a league season was 12 in 1973/74 (our promotion season from Division 3 to Division 2). We went unbeaten away from home until March under Dowie in our play off campaign season 2002/03 but our end of season playing record away was W11 D10 L2 (points 43) but ultimately this was still insufficient to take us up to the Championship. We lost away at Crystal Palace in the 4th round of the League Cup in November of that season. Would gratefully settle for repeat of either away from home this season.
  9. Echo the above - here's to a few festive season football points for Latics, no sackings or off the field shenanigans and a much better 2021 for all both Latics related and person.....keep well, stay safe & Come on you Blues
  10. Yesterday was 31 years since that famous night when Latics fans appeared to be resigned to losing our popular manager Joe Royle. The Manchester Evening News reported that Joe was clearing out his desk at Boundary Park ready to take the Managers Job at Maine Road as Latics were embarking on their great cup exploits which led us to Wembley in the Littlewoods Cup Final and to the FA Cup Semi Final against Manchester United. Did anyone think that Joe would stay at little old Latics and turn down the job at our Manchester based rivals? Does anyone actually kno
  11. Always happy to give the players and the team credit when its due and I have to say that yesterday's performance was very, very good and the players looked up for it, mobile, together and comfortable on the ball. With steadier finishing, we could have had 6 at half time but the chances were created and in McAleny and Rowe we have 2 great strikers of the ball who can score from anywhere. Thought McAlmont was excellent yesterday and good shows from all bar Lawlor who was a bit shaky yesterday but by and large is fine. I like the way the players are all looking much more
  12. Recall several specials by Denis Irwin - one at Goodison in the League Cup which put us 1-0 up against the League Champions, another at Roker Park in 1986/87 when he slammed one into the Roker Baths End to put us 1-0 up. Whittle always a great dead ball specialist Saying that, can't recall one from that distance off the top of my head
  13. Fabulous result and 2 fabulous strikes, well done to the players today I think we are a team that can hurt the opposition when allowed to play but are liable to struggle where teams try and bottle it up or battle hard physically. Today makes up very much for the poor result last weekend. One good sign this season is our ability to score and I expect our chance conversion rate is pretty decent.
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