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  1. Just seen that the club has put this on its website - three new Trustees for the Community Trust. Look decent additions on the face of it and hopefully they will contribute effectively to enable OAFC (re)gain awards for being an effective Community club. Does anyone know any of these Trustees? Wishing them and the Community Trust all the best in helping OAFC reach out to the community and ensure OAFC gets to the heart of the Town that it serves - welcome all Oldham Athletic Community Trust are delighted to announce three new trustees, including a
  2. Holy Moly - Mike Jones has scored for Barrow against Bolton - 2-0 in 4 minutes, both ex Latics players scoring
  3. Chris Taylor has opened the scoring for Barrow against Wanky Wanderers - get in!!!
  4. I can understand Lawlor in for the GK as Lawlor is experienced and the new keeper was presumably signed as a number 2 Can understand Bamboozle left on bench as probably not match fit and needs nursing through a few games as they come thick and fast Don't understand the others I am afraid
  5. Come on Athletic irrespective of what side we put out. We haven't specialised in back to back wins much for the last few seasons but now would be a great time to start. Games are coming thick and fast now (COVID19 permitting) and its a great time to put a winning sequence together
  6. I think Karl maybe should make himself unavailable on Twitter from a Friday evening to say Monday morning (for his sake rather than ours) so he can deal with things when fans and himself are maybe less emotional. That said, I do value his making himself available to fans and his willingness to engage, this last week or so has been a marked improvement from his predecessor's days - not having a pop just stating my opinion. If Karl can make anything off the field better its a big positive, will always give credit where it is due
  7. Thanks very much for sharing Chaddyexile, also thanks very much to Karl Evans for his responses. I for one am delighted that he at least appears willing to engage with supporters and no matter how it all works out he should at least be commended for that. Hope everything is ok in the chaddyexile household mate, a 2-1 away win at Bolton should hopefully lift some spirits
  8. Brilliant win that! Take a bow lads, always great to win at Bolton Much much better
  9. Many memories of Latics games v Bolton (mainly at home to be fair) but been watching Latics at Burnden since 1972, for latics fans of my age, these are our real enemies - always a right rough set of b******s. Some fabulous memories from the 70s and 80s but the best away day was undoubtedly 1994 when the Bear seized on a bad backpass and put Latics 1-0 up in a game where we could have been 5 down, 4000 Latics fans went delirious on the old Railway Embankment. Rough as old boots the Wanderers but here's to a welcome 3 points tomorrow and a chance to write our own histor
  10. Cheers Chaddyexile, hope everything ok at your end family wise. Good to hear Karl at least as good as his word re: call, have been a few non-starters from our club for sure over last few years. I hope he is genuine and will at least try and instigate positive change
  11. sorry to hear of your bad news Chaddy, family comes first mate - good luck
  12. It did last time Bolton were there tGWB. I think this current lot will struggle though, need some strong leaders in there and i am not seeing any. Our form at BP this season is desperately worrying, 0 points against Orient, Crawley & Morecambe doesn't offer much assurance that we will not have another season of struggle
  13. Sort of place Latics will get a result. Don't hold me to that, just something we have specialised in over the years, getting something at places you wouldn't fancy us at
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