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  1. Cheers Graham, sorry about the incorrect statement but at least we know that it is part of is role within the Foundation!! Thanks mate
  2. Graham, not pre-judging the issue but is your Dad on the Board of OAFC as part of his role as Chairman of the Foundation?
  3. Have you seen anything from him that lends itself to believing it is a bona-fide appointment for the greater good of the club? Me neither Still wondering how a number of people got recruited to various posts under this regime? No transparency nor accountability at all, zilch
  4. Talks a good game then, sounds like a shoe-in for the Board, still never seen him at any home or away game ever, nor had anyone else who had attended the Royton Forum, all were asking who is this? Nothing to add = nothing to offer
  5. I was at the Royton Forum and everyone in the audience was asking who this fella was - turned out to be Richard Bowden. I have honestly never seen the fella at any game home or away over my 50 years of supporting OAFC, not that I definitely would know him but somehow I suspect I would have seen him about if he was a big Oldham fan. He added nothing to proceedings (as above), the fact that the second Board meeting fell on the day of the Forum was quite suspicious in my book, I believe him to be a plant from the Club trying to window dress as per usual. I would love to be proved wro
  6. So sorry for your loss al-bro, yet another Latics fanatic gone too soon, condolences to all who mourn him
  7. No mate, Bristol City won 4-2 at BP on a Tuesday night - only 2 home league defeats all season and both to promoted teams
  8. Think you were dreaming Worcester, no pitch invasion at half time/ just one at full time. The Baggies fans only turned their attention to a handful of Latics herberts who for some reason thought it might be worth a go charging at the hordes of Baggies
  9. So sad that of the 3,000 or so who went to Ipswich, I would expect maybe at least half that number no longer care or maybe sadly are no longer with us. Never to be forgotten day for all those privileged to have been there and may the current and future generations one day experience something akin to this Thanks for the memories
  10. I did allude to the fact he scored in that game BP, nearly took us to the Play off final but for that bloody Keith Edwards
  11. Bloody hell Metty, that was the largest away support I can ever recall at Boundary Park, the official crowd was about 22500 but i reckon there was substantially more than that, Latics had the Chaddy End, some seats and I suspect not much more Actually wanted WBA to win to cock Bolton up
  12. Would be lovely to have a dinner commemorating the 30th anniversary - maybe in the OEC - but won't hold my breath with this lot to make it happen
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