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  1. Thanks to everyone who participated in the poll, whilst in itself, it doesn't mean that much, it is heartening that 94% of respondents would consider pledging funding or buying season tickets for 2020/21 or beyond that they would not otherwise have done if the owners stayed. Taking the mean average within each range of funding quoted, I estimate that £35,000 could be raised from the respondents (68), whilst accepting that actually making payment rather than pledging is different, it is heartening that maybe we, as a fanbase, still care enough about the club that we would raise a s
  2. Well done Latics, might only be Wolves U21s but a win is a win, hopefully breed confidence and the players can take that into Saturday's game with Crawley. If you are in a Cup, no matter which one and who against, might as well try and win it. Well done lads
  3. i heard he had loaned AL the money but no idea if AL has paid back
  4. Catch 22 Fervid - I hope not but fear you may be right
  5. Apparently a meeting today with PL/ EFL clubs at which a "bailout" will be discussed
  6. Might be put to the test soon Chaddy - you are probably right but we'll have to see I think Twitter has more well meaning fantasists than the Realistic Fans FB group
  7. Agree Dave, its just that I genuinely think we are nearing the time when we might seriously have to do it. I do think that there are a significant number of people who have recently (over Lemmies regime) stopped coming but would commit to buy season tickets, i know perhaps 20 myself from speaking to people end of last season. Also there was this poll o Twitter - think it was NDL or someone - where 100+ respondents said they would commit £1000+ I think. A lot of long standing supporters such as myself now have much less financial commitments than we did in 2004 and maybe persuaded
  8. I remember a few weeks ago, a chap on Twitter run a poll and had over 100 respondents - think the lowest £ contribution stated was £1,000 and some were significantly higher. I don't reckon we could raise £500k overnight but maybe could attract pledges of around £150,000k - £200,000K and sell season tickets 2,000 @ £250 = £500,000K (season ticket holders who may return if the Lemmies go) Looks tough, probably pie in the sky but got to think positive IF we ever get the opportunity & Lemmies go
  9. I know Fleetwood - just I am worried that AL may flit and the whole club collapse, I am not sure he would sell to any interested parties either do its out of desperation really
  10. Sorry Mick, was just testing the waters - I would too mate Just i think we might have to act quickly in the event of the House of Fun (not) collapsing
  11. He already is exhibiting that haunted look that accompanies OAFC managers during their reigns under the Lemsagems. I have noted how much better both Frank Bunn and Paul Scholes look nowadays rather than during their short tenures at the club.
  12. Play fly goalie? Or possibly nearest to the net?
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