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  1. Rifle Range is definitely away fan friendly and the Chaddy Bowling club just around the corner is fine too. White Hart at top of Sheepfoot Lane is also away fan friendly. I suspect they will be ok anywhere, Carters Arms too (just down road from White Hart) I think would be fine as well
  2. I am aware that the Oldham Athletic Supporters Foundation (ex Trust) are going to be accepting pledges from supporters in September (think that's right) for their Contingency Fund. I am prepared to pledge £100 towards the Contingency fund in the event that England win the Euros in 2021 I am prepared to pledge £50 towards the Contingency fund in the event that England reach the Euros Final in 2021 (good but not quite good enough) I am an England supporter as well as an Oldham Athletic supporter and wanted to ensure that this pledge gets noted before the system is properly set up in the hope that other OWTB contributors follow suit
  3. If you look at teams who have won major Tournaments on a regular basis over a sustained period of time, Italy and Germany are two that have mastered this art over the years without ever really being the best team there and Portugal have just arrived at this stage, winning a tournament without winning more than one match in 90 minutes. I recall pretty much all England's glorious or not so glorious fuck ups since 1970, hadn't quite realised just how dross our Euros record was until further scrutinising it (i.e. never won a knockout game in 90 minutes until last night). We have no record ever of doing well in the Euros - 1996 "Its coming home" was a mixture of 2 graet performances (V Holland 4-1) and the glorious defeat in the semis with Germany and 3 bang average displays v Swiss (1-1), Scots (2-0) and Spain (0-0 won on pens). I am sick to death of glorious failure or overhyped bad luck, we have no track record at all in the Euros and all 8 teams left offer something if only pride and passion. Take each game at a time lads, they are not weighed down by our abysmal history like the fans, play the game not the occasion and be the last man standing - an art mastered by the Germans and Italians over the years
  4. Tracey, please stay safe and look after yourself, I know how stressful things can be sometimes but you have to find time for you. I do hope that the Foundation gets the right support from the fans to take a lot of pressure off you as you are taking far too much on. Nothing is worth your mental or physical health Tracey, please take a step back All the very best
  5. First of, agree 100% about Tracey being visible and I thank her fully for all that she is doing. For me though, the OASF has been too passive for too long and this regime has basically ridden roughshod over the Trust and any other club stakeholders. I have seen at first hand how appeasement by another club's Trust (Bury FC) failed miserably with the result that the club is now left in complete limbo and outside the EFL in an undead state - this Trust also had a shareholding with their Board and the right to nominate a supporters rep on the Board. As I understand it, the Foundation has been asked for a comment (quite reasonably in my opinion) about the nigh on 3000 fans who have signed a petition asking the owners to sell, this is obviously a significant minority or majority of the supporters base of our club that the Foundation should represent. Nothing has been forthcoming. I am certain many of the Foundation's members actually agree with the petition and many may have signed it but to simply not acknowledge it at all is quite damning of both the Club and Foundation. I am certain that both supporters groups have got many shared views and they may come together in time but at present, their standpoints seem quite polarised.
  6. I am willing to support the Contingency Fund as long as there is 0% of it being utilised to support the current regime in any shape or form. I am not a member of the OASF as I will not support an organisation that chooses to support the current regime. I think the trouble with the shareholding is that it binds the OASF to an organisation that treats us all with utter contempt but the % of shareholding is totally insufficient to enable the OASF to influence any positive change from within the club. I suspect that this is why PTB do not want to actively be involved in OASF - may be wrong.
  7. Recall it being on club website, just never seen anything from OAFC elsewhere in the media, don't do Linkedin tbh.
  8. Did anyone see any advertisement for this post? Not being funny but under this regime (and maybe previous one), can only recall seeing posts on the club's website, not eslsewhere Sounds like bullshit to me about the 100 applicants
  9. My thought was that I would donate my ST money to the CF and continue to do so until the Lemmies have actually gone or at least changed their stance (*pipedream). However I will do this at the end of each season rather than the beginning as I would want to retain he right to purchase a ST immediately should the Lemmies leave at anytime during the season.
  10. We will be fine, 4 points should see us through to the round of 16. Performance against the Scots was drab but in most tournaments, the eventual winners have stuttered at some stage along the way. Can only remember the great Brazilian side of 1970 that showed their class all the way through a tournament. It's about being last man standing, I am sure we will see a different England on Tuesday v The Czechs and hopefully thereafter. So far Pickford and Mings (both games) and Phillips (first game) been our unexpected best performers, others will come to the party I am sure
  11. Worth a try Chaddy, I have already written to Tracey Crouch at DCMS and I know Tracy from the Foundation (ex Trust) is confident of OAFC getting a listening ear from the Commission.
  12. I think by this stage after 4 years of the Lemmies, 10 years of no top half finishes, a record 15 home defeats in a league season, no attendance at any games since March 2020, continuing non-communication within the UK by the owner (meanwhile quite happy to wax lyrical to the Aussie Press for at least half a season), no update on the long running buy the club/open the North stand saga .....another 25-50% of our latest average home crowd have in reality given up!!! I am still hopeful that the Lemmies will just up sticks and leave or sell up and I actually welcome the fact that a strong % of the few supporters the club has left could be arsed signing a petition. The town has never really supported its sporting clubs with any longevity, apart from a brief love affair with both the football and rugby team in the late 1980s. If we want a club to survive and thrive within the community in which the club serves, then the club must think out of the box and get the club "out there" amongst the people so to speak to turn round an increasingly apathetic or disconnected fanbase.
  13. Following the not entirely unexpected news that the owner has failed to respond to PTB's request by the given deadline, I would urge ALL supporters to contact their local councillors/ MPs/DCMS Governance Review to air their opinions on what is happening at OAFC and maybe thoughts on what needs to happen to improve our lovely club. I started a thread on OWTB on 5th May entitled DCMS Governance Review for anyone who may want to get their voice heard.
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