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  1. My favourite away day ever, the day we reached the Promised Land of the top tier of English football after a 68 year absence. Went to a wedding reception in Midd when I got home, couldn't speak after all the day's excitements. All memories of being brought up in the Beano....
  2. Wonder why we don't as a club routinely commemorate these players around Remembrance Day? Maybe we do and I have missed it....
  3. Thanks for visiting and posting mate. I don't know that much about the subject save that Latics did struggle on the resumption to league football after war, I am not sure if we lost any players to the war as we don't routinely commemorate anyone around Remembrance Day time and I am sure we would do if there were any Latics players and officials who had fallen in the War. We were relegated in 1922/23 and didn't return to the top table until 1990/91 (68 years). Latics didn't do well upon resumption of League football in 1946/47 after the 2nd World War either and it took us 4 years to mount anything like a promotion challenge from League Division 3 North, we went up in 1953/54 after a couple of near misses but were relegated the following season and didn't return to second tier league football until 1974/75. Latics are not managing very well either on- or off-the field at the moment, this is primarily due to dreadful leadership and management over the last decade or so and our decline's trajectory is becoming more drastic by the season. I don't think Latics future would have been any different if we had won the league in 1914/15 (although it would be something fans could crow about) or if we had survived the war(s) better. Oldham was a relatively affluent town through the first half of the 20th century but its decline was steep in terms of the decline of the cotton industry and the fall away from the Industrialisation. OAFC had a major upturn on the field between 1989/90 and 1993/94 after many years of stability in the 2nd Division when good recruitment, good leadership and a plastic pitch all contributed to the club's becoming a founder member of the Premier League however the decline came all too quickly, new fans left in their droves after the club stopped winning regularly. One awful moment in 1994 when Mark Hughes scored a tremendous volley in the 90th minute to snatch away a memorable win from Latics in the FA Cup Semi Final has proved to be the catalyst to Latics downturn from which we have never recovered, if we had gone on to win the FA Cup Final I feel we would have also stayed up and may have enjoyed the richer trappings that the Premier League yielded in the later 1990s and beyond. I cannot see OAFC turning this decline around ever under this leadership and am desperately concerned that we may become the first of 50 clubs who have been in the Premiership to be relegated out of the EFL.
  4. Grimsby, Stockport & Wrexham certainly are attracting substantially better support in non-league than they did when at the 2nd tier of English football. Southend, Chesterfield and Notts I would say are probably around the same as their general average in EFL. Latics traditionally are at the same level at least as all the above maybe with the exception of Notts who are a City club and our crowds historically would be above all apart from Notts. Under AL this will never happen, the club will just continue to haemorrage support (despite the official figures which are dubious to say the least). Under a new regime and with some upwards momentum that comes from an effective plan or just maybe relief at freedom from a tyranny, I believe we could see crowds akin to these again
  5. I was there, attended every home and away game that season, had to wag school that afternoon and ended up having to deposit the school Head Boy in a stream in a park near school as he caught me on way to wagging it. Think the crowd was about 1800, possibly 500 from both Brighton and Oldham and remainder were curious Leicester fans. Kenny Jones (an old Latics stalwart) did a one-man pitch invasion when we went 2-1 up and someone from our Barlows coach missed it after the game as he wouldn't "run the gauntlet" through Brighton fans at the end and so missed the return journey. Heady days in the League cup
  6. I am choosing not to attend any games until AL has gone or at least changed tack significantly (he won't). I am saving what money I would have spent on my season ticket/ away match tickets to put aside for the "new regime" (if it ever happens before Latics go bust). I would love to attend away matches only but think that this would inevitably lead me to attending home games again and I a not prepared to under the current leadership as they in no way represent me or the Latics I once knew. It;s not apathy for me, it;s a choice I have to make. I am filling Saturdays watching teams that are generally well set up and led and for owners who don't make it like North f*****g Korea to watc their team. I am missing the lads I used to attend games away with (or at least those who still go), I did attend protest last week and enjoyed meeting up with many again. Most agree with my opinions about the leadership but they haven't made same choice about non-attendance
  7. Thanks for your kind messages of support Pools, hope you enjoy the game whatever the outcome. I had always wondered about the Hartlepool and Hartlepools, thanks for clearing that up. Is H'Angus the Monkey still in Situ at Hartlepool?
  8. This happened at Bury FC in their last season of business, my other half is a Bury fan and they had same once they tried to purchase tickets at the club. Coincidence? Possibly, however if Oldham previously had a card reader (I am sure they did), makes you think this is another indicator that all is not right at OAFC
  9. Misread it as "Head of operations & secrecy" Sounds like the sort of role the leadership should have in North Korea
  10. Listened to the Podcast and am quite interested in how the Foundation Board think the club is operating after their interface with the club to date. From the outside looking in, I feel that the club appear to be lurching from crisis to crisis both on- and off-the field, and I would welcome a position statement from the Foundation at the earliest opportunity. My mind goes back to the data I have seen somewhere that had listed 48 instances of potential OAFC poor practice yet only 10 had been noted on the Foundaion's board minutes (* numbers may be inaccurate). In conclusion, my thoughts were that the Foundation were previously reporting of the club did not genuinely reflect the position at the club and anyone looking at them would think that OAFC was relatively stable when in reality we are seen by FSA as a club at risk (1 of 12) and we need to see what is happening to improve that as a fanbase. Cheers fellas, doing a great job starting to hold the club's leaders to account
  11. Just how basic is this new ticketing system? Sounds hardly fit for purpose, how in the name of Ritchie (God) did the club feel that this was an appropriate operational tool?
  12. He advised us after his retirement from working for Rochdale Community Trust that he would be going watching Latics in his retirement
  13. Saw keith on the replacement bus service from Queens Road to Manchester the other day, star spotting!!! Think he was, not me lol
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