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OASIS Background


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OASIS, Oldham Athletic Supporters In the South, was founded in 1986. Initally the objective was to find a group of exiled Latics fans and organise to meet up for Latics matches at home and away to share costs and share a few beers. In Latics' glory days of the late 80s and early 90s membership soared to around 120 with the highlight of those years, in OASIS terms being our promotion celebration dinner attended by Neil Adams. Membership has dropped since those days but there remains, just as in Oldham, a loyal hard core of support. The 2006/07 season saw a steady increase of members traveling to games, with numbers of over 20 traveling to several games during the season ending in the city of Brighton being invaded in May by OASIS members dressed in tangerine jackets and bowler hats. As from the beginning the main objectives of OASIS still remain to organise travel to and from matches, to find suitable pubs to meet in on match days and to meet up in London to put the world to rights and have a few beers. There is no formality, no committee and little ceremony. What we have is a shared obsession and a wish to share it with like minded...

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