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PC stops downloading....


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Can anyone help?


I'm running a PC with a 2.2MBPS broadband connection which stops downloading for no apparent reason. The broadband connection stays connected but anything using it (internet browser, iTunes, torrent client etc.) simply stops working. Any files being downloaded seem to "stop" as if some kind of limit has been reached. After restarting the PC everything seems fine again for a time (more than an hour usually) before everything "stops" again. We're on a no-limit tariff with our broadband provider (the dreaded Pipex) so I don't think it's a cap they are applying, and the restart of the PC allows downloading to recommence anyway.


Damned irritating I can tell you.


Any thoughts?

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Pipex is ASDL isn't it? It's not a cable connection....


ADSL can drop connection quite a bit due to line-loss/attenuation - you may be able to get a report from your router if it supports it. Otherwise you'll have to go through Pipex. Since third party ISP ASDL broadband companies use BT, you won't get any help from BT - you'll have to go through your ISP to request the line test.

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