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Red Tiger Karate


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Red Tiger Karate provides quality instruction in Shotokan Goju Ryu karate in the Greater Manchester and Lancashire areas.


Our emphasis is on all elements of karate including punches and kicks, blocks, strikes, evasions, throws, joint manipulation, hip rotation, stances, posture and breathing practise an equal measure of basic training consisting of basics (kihon), sparring (kumite) and forms (kata).


As an art of self-defence as well as sport, our comprehensive training system can be enjoyed by young children through to adults, from all walks of life.


We have classes open weeknights and weekends - and all our students are welcome to train at any class!


RTK current classes are at: Tongue Moor, Dukinfield, Milnrow, Haslingden, Droylsden, Radcliffe, Castleton, Bury, Higher Blakley, Bolton Shaw, Heywood, Swinton, Whitefield, Swinton, Balderstone, Prestwich, Hollins, Little Lever, Langley, Heywood.


Please PM or email me for details or visit www.redtigerkarate.co.uk

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Just to add, if anyone would like to watch first and is a bit apprehensive, I attend the Shaw, Castleton, Heywood and Balderstone classes. If your interested and one of these locations is good for you, contact me and we'll meet before attending.


I take my 5 year old son too, so we welcome mixed age classes as well!

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We have our Annual RTK Inter Club Tournament coming up, it's a great opportunity to view the club as a whole - and you can see for yourself what friendly, family orientated outfit RTK are. The tourney is an all day event, and it'll will take place on Sunday 9th December 2007 at St. Matthews Church Hall on Chapel Lane in Stretford.


I'll be competing in the sparring - I might do the katas - so at the very least you can watch me get knocked about by 8 year olds*


For more info please PM me or visit www.redtigerkarate.co.uk




*We compete in age and grade classes - so there's no chance! :grin: *phew*

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Guest sheridans_world
We are currently recruiting for Castleton, Shaw and Milnrow - please contact me or visit www.redtigerkarate.co.uk for more info!





What day is the one in Shaw on?

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Red Tiger Karate into 2009 and beyond....


Who we are:

Red Tiger Karate is an independent Shotokan Goju Ryu karate training system. Our aim is to provide a high quality traditional karate program that promotes character development, physical fitness and a strong, healthy body and mind.

What we teach:

We teach a full syllabus all year round to children from the age of 5 years old all the way through to late adulthood. We offer superb martial arts training at an affordable price.


Our system consists of basics (kihon), sparring (kumite), and forms (kata) as well as fitness and conditioning exercises plus optional street self-defence based on realistic scenarios. For many of our students, their training goes beyond the dojo and positively impacts their daily lives including reducing stress, developing fitness and improving concentration - particularly in our younger students!


Where we teach:

We teach in schools, recreational centres and community facilities within the Greater Manchester area, every night of the week and at weekends so there's a suitably timed class out there for everyone! For class times and venues click here


For more information please either visit http://www.redtigerkarate.co.uk/ or PM me.




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