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  1. Another no mark random #frenchlad - what's the plan here?
  2. Legend. The first two albums are the best.
  3. On his way to being OWTB's most misspelled player since Dummigan.
  4. What happened with the trust meeting last night where there was supposed to be an update on the accounts? Sorry if i missed it somewhere
  5. If the club pay rent it’s their profits to spend on what they want.
  6. 5 is probably an exaggeration but this illustrates the frustrating thing for me. The budget seems to be OK and it would be likely that someone like Pete Wild, Shez or dare i say Wellens/Scholes could have put a decent side together with it. It appears to me that AL is shooting himself in the foot with the foreign recruitment policy, unless his aim is purely to siphon money out of the club into his agency contacts pockets.
  7. Ah so THAT’s the plan. Fucking shambles
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