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  1. We get it. Unless you're going to divulge who it is, you may as well leave it at that.
  2. dannyboy55555

    Danny G

    When's she back?
  3. dannyboy55555

    FA Cup 2018-19

    Definitely underwhelming
  4. dannyboy55555

    The Missing

    There are plenty. Neil Adams diving into an empty swimming pool i seem to recall. Lee Richardson getting bitten by his dog? Somebody dropped a bottle of sauce on their toe...maybe Pointon? Memory is hazy!
  5. dannyboy55555

    Maidstone (A)

    Stephens played 0 games for us in his first season (loaned out etc). Lee played 7 times in his first season. Point being it took them a while to break through.
  6. dannyboy55555

    Maidstone (A)

    Dale Stephens? Kieron Lee?
  7. dannyboy55555

    Ex players and that

    Carl Winchester sinks Shez
  8. dannyboy55555


    I did a little punch of the air when Frank said he was back. This is how bad its become!
  9. Vigilante might be the best option
  10. dannyboy55555


  11. One thing I wish we'd stop doing are short corners/free kicks nonsense. At this level surely opportunities to get it into the box need to be taken? We seem to be happy to use lump it to Miller/O'Grady as a plan A early in games so why the reluctance to get good delivery into the box? When we did that last night we created problems for them
  12. dannyboy55555

    Notts County (a)

    Apart from the fact that Ian Marshall was a good defender.
  13. dannyboy55555

    Ex players and that

    Just read the URL - pretty much covers it