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  1. dannyboy55555

    Dummigan gone

    OWTB spelling mistakes down 10% on this news.
  2. Nah if we start to do well there’ll be nowt to moan about.
  3. dannyboy55555

    Yeovil (12-2-19)

    19 managers in 24 years
  4. dannyboy55555

    New Manager Thread

    In all seriousness im pretty sure he could do a job!
  5. dannyboy55555

    New Manager Thread

    Delighted with today. Apart from the devil on my shoulder saying it’s all going to somehow go tits up and not to be too positive. I think years of supporting this club has damaged my general optimism irreversibly.
  6. dannyboy55555

    Yeovil (12-2-19)

    The new striker is coming back from injury so thats probably why. No ideal on Iacovitti.
  7. dannyboy55555


    I think we will fall just short. The key for me is to maintain an upward trajectory and for Scholes to have a good look at the playing staff read for a tilt next season. My biggest worry is that he won’t last long enough to get there though.
  8. dannyboy55555

    January Window Gossip/Rumours

    Why on Earth didn't he go I wonder?
  9. dannyboy55555

    January Window Gossip/Rumours

    He’s been injured. “Approaching a return” apparently
  10. dannyboy55555

    New Manager Thread

    Pete Wild interview doesn't work and they've spelled Morecambe wrong. That's it for me.
  11. dannyboy55555

    New Manager Thread

    Imagine it on here if that happened!! “What does a lottery winner know about football?” etc.
  12. dannyboy55555

    New Manager Thread

    Let us know how you get on
  13. dannyboy55555

    January Window Gossip/Rumours

    Nixon on Twitter
  14. dannyboy55555

    New Manager Thread

    The only thing fans can do is vote with their feet. You asked for ideas, that's one. What's your solution out of interest?
  15. dannyboy55555

    January Window Gossip/Rumours

    Agyei from Burnley on loan