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  1. Let's hope Paul Ince never gets the Bradford job
  2. If you fancy it you can get 500/1 at 888Sport
  3. If it saves the club from a Bury type fate and rids us of the Lemmies is relegation the end of the world? I think i'd take a new start in the NL over continuing the pain of the last couple of years.
  4. Spanner in the works of the boycott?
  5. Don’t want to sound negative as this feels like one of the best pieces of news for a while...but why did we sign Dieserwurve and where does it leave Segbe and Wilson? Genuinely worried about the bloated squad we have
  6. You're probably right, but there is absolutely no point in getting rid right now. The only time to look at a change would be under new ownership. For now at least it feels like he is less of a puppet than previous incumbents.
  7. id like to hear news that about 10 of the useless shower of shite have been offloaded before we bring any in.
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