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  1. I find it strange for Karl Evans, the CEO, to be absent from the recent dialogue or official communications with supporters. Perhaps it is happening behind the scenes (I have seen comments that he does respond to email), but in my view he should be a visible and accessible figurehead. Of course I dont know if Karl has been instructed to stay out of it by the owner, the lack of public engagement just fuels the frustration. In the Directors box, the regular attendee I notice is Steven Brown, Head of Commercial, who isnt described as a club official on the website (rather in Football Operations). Yesterday Steven was openly speaking to several supporters in the stand and seemed happy to do so.
  2. Very mixed emotions today. Went to BP expecting chaos and a defeat, saw neither. Having only arrived at the ground at shortly after 2pm, the demonstration was very vocal but proportionate to the situation, so well done to the organisers for keeping it under control. We were better than Hartlepool, should have won, didnt have anyone in the right position to finish a number of spurned chances. Sam Hart is a big miss. Dylan Bahamboula and Faysal Bettache are excellent, plenty of skill, not enough support. Hallam Hope had his best game, isnt a centre forward, needs to be paired with a fit Zak Dearnley. Harry Vaughan is a great prospect, causes real problems, need him to play a large part. Jordan Clarke very good again. Special mention for Raphael Diarra's anger management coach, it's working, could be a diamond in the rough after all. Keith Curle noticeably more vocal, oddly the players in the directors box and staff who were bobbing around blue block seemed in really good spirits. There is plenty to dread this season, the one thing which seems to be resolved is goalkeeper, we now have one who is comfortable catching the ball.
  3. I wouldnt dispute this @TheBigDog, yet some dont see any justification for Pidge or DKD being in the squad, nevermind starting. As a supporter watching games, I dont see the point in slaughtering our players, but expressing frustration is normal. DKD is a good example, wildly inconsistent, first touch can be shocking, then finds form again to score goals and be instrumental in decent performances. The fair observation of Alan might be 'lacks pace' perhaps, which happens with age, yet he remains a good player, brought in primarily to coach. More problematic is the speculative signings of Blyth or other, who are thrown into a poor side, dont reinvent their careers in 90 minutes or less, hence are judged to be useless. Clearly not the right approach for recruitment or team selection, but symptomatic of the dire emergency we see before us. Moyo is a rare gem, can only hope he is with us by weekend.
  4. Gave an impression of more discipline and effort at the start, then a dubious pen, plus abject poor defending. Terrible performance. The severe / chronic problems are there for all to see, it hurts to watch, but I still go to be connected with my club, merely a personal choice, no judgement on others who dont. Oddly enough, we have some talent in the side, I would call out Sam Hart and Harry Vaughan today, plus Dylan Bahamboula of course. Young Harry escapes blame or accountability for the defeat, he gave everything and is clearly gifted. Alan Sheehan will need to stay in the side, good player. Jordan Clarke hopefully stays fit, good player also. I like Pidge, he is consistent, wins headers, doesn't hide. Decent debut from Faysal. I dont see any merit in playing Laurie Walker, just start whichever keeper we have on the books. One positive for me today, I saw Dylan Bahamboula first hand at BP, I really didn't expect to. Thats it.
  5. Cocking up the pie order is a disgrace, I saw the hurt in the eyes of those queueing behind me. Also noticed the more prominent policing, had a flashback to a friendly with Hibbs some years ago, which wasnt very jovial at all. Really enjoyed being back at BP, pretty confident that we would have a tough time without three nailed on starters. Clearly KC is moulding his team, the shape is different, some of the signings give cause for optimism. Clarke, Hart, Cisse, Bowden good impression made, hopeful that Stobbs will repay the faith, seems to have a great attitude. The gamble with Blyth, less than convinced, flat footed, hard to see how he can play his way into form under these circumstances. As an exercise in demonstrating to the Sporting Director that our squad is paper thin, job done. Different story with Junior Luamba, talented, still developing, can't be expected to be the finished article just yet. Happy to have him involved. Walked away frustrated again but believe that Hallam Hope and Dylan Bahamboula would have produced a different outcome today.
  6. Interested to see if Diarra can be effective in whatever formation KC is now persevering with. The dearth of options can explain why KC might be forced to go this way. Having seen Diarra a number of times, he was brave and very physical, but too easily wound up. Maybe KC sees a diamond in the rough. For Badan, I appreciated his pace and movement but it rarely developed into a goal scoring opportunity. I had CBJ streets ahead of Badan for quality and threat, but many said CBJ was also bobbins ....
  7. I have a similar recollection of Ben Garrity, two decent games, then very inconsistent otherwise. Probably better playing in an advanced position. Really wanted him to come good, as he appears to be rated by several coaches. The compliment I paid him a few times, was his positional sense. Scored a couple and was in the right area to miss quite a few more. Seemed to be lacking in confidence and wasnt alone in the utterly terrible 'pass to a blue shirt for christ sake' league of shame. I sincerely hope he does well at Vale, wouldnt be a surprise if he improved when playing with better players, in a settled side.
  8. This really captures the mood, certainly mine anyway. You are highlighting the most important elements, plus the urgency to restore some level of belief, I hesitate to write faith. Given the events that preceded KC arriving, his appointment wasnt a carefully orchestrated milestone in a masterplan, but presented itself as a fortunate opportunity. Since the owner has given KC a two year contract, I take heart, largely as I trust Keith has received some assurances on player budget, which may be adequate for a promotion challenge? What happens next with player retention and recruitment is obviously a leading metric to make a judgement on the whole lot. So, to the next nervy few weeks or months. I wont be alone in speculating that Keith's playing staff budget is a fairly modest figure, which could then be inflated if/when Dylan Bahamboula is sold. Dearly hoping we keep him, as much as I see Dylan as the best talent, securing Conor Mac must be priority one. Loan players will be a significant element, this is obvious and practical, almost certainly another lucky dip for goal keeper. Maybe the owner is seeking to change direction and make a credible bid for promotion, I look forward to being back at BP to bare witness. Strikes me that no credibility (or restoration of faith) can be properly achieved, unless there is a satisfactory resolution of the North Stand pantomime, which has to be very soon.
  9. Another horror show in defence, plus only one memorable effort on goal. I understand why inexperienced players can make poor decisions, we have too many, hence the appalling results. The thing which sickens me and was boiling over in commentary, is the number of players who appear not to care. Very very few exceptions here, frightening situation looms again, all bar three or four? of the squad wouldnt be missed, where does the conversation with AL go next. Plus we have the purgatory of the North Stand saga to live through all summer. Sad times.
  10. Much better attitude from the team first half, against a side needing a win. Lovely move with Whelan & Fage, should have hit the target but Dylan has been very bright. Still overplaying in defense, Pidge was lucky not to come unstuck. Not great, but refreshing not to be behind early, plus we have Roy for entertainment, again commenting on DKD " he's running around like a scalded cock".
  11. Pidge has been a good signing in my opinion, regularly having to sweep up when others go missing, plus almost never misses a header. That said, any player should be able to cope with some level if criticism, hope KC is just enjoying basic psychology with a player he actually rates (when doing his job properly). The clear instruction that we must play out from the back, is creating as many problems as it solves, just dont have the calibre for this to be reliable. So like you, I hope we see Pidge return next week, with the armband, showing the desire and commitment we have regularly seen.
  12. Brutal appraisal from KC, didn't spare anyone, even poor Mikey who was desperate to end the interview on a positive note. The only plus point I would have dared to offer Keith was Zak's return, clearly Keith isnt seeing enough from anyone, be that during the game or in training. Heading for a showdown with the owner no doubt, will be another turbulent summer in prospect. Given that every player has now been read the riot act, presumably some already gone or told they are finished, it at least puts something on the last game? Interesting to see how they respond, the 'there are no leaders here' comment must hurt, our small group of 'talented but dont work hard enough' players have a decision. While Keith held the team responsible for a shocking performance, he wasnt shy about being held personally accountable, nor stating that he knows the way out of this God forsaken league. Will our owner sign up and follow?
  13. Awful. We conspired to make a mediocre side look excellent, Mansfield were comfortable all game. Just the one positive for me, Zak cake back, looked good, albeit rusty and should have taken the early chance. Nothing else to feel good about today. The season is definitely over. Just off field nonsense to talk about now, in spite of the results, still hoping KC stays.
  14. Trying to be philosophical about this. Experimental side, starting with Zak when he has been out for 4 months, Calum without support, with Marcus Barnes and Ben Garrity seemingly on trial for next season. Pitch is awful, yet we try to dribble out from the back, just daft. Nothing on the game really but a heavy defeat does nothing for morale. Surely a hatful of changes at half time. The much criticised Laurie Walker has made a few good stops.
  15. I appreciate your next day reflections of what went on Big Dog, more balanced than the prose we hammer out on Saturday afternoon. Pride and passion badly lacking from our side, I dont agree that we came second best to a battling side. Think it was Mikey in commentary during the first few minutes who described Grimsby as playing for a least a point, or looking to nick a win with counter attacking play. They didnt put us under sustained pressure, we were hopeless in possession, then let them have a few unchallenged strikes. Fair to criticise KC for subs which weakened the side but the performance warranted dropping at least three at half time. Our subs arent up to it, we know. As for wishing the end of season to come, I know much of it has been dire, but the topics we are left with are WTF is happening with the North Stand? player recruitment/retention, manager falling out with owner .... proper depressing stuff. Also, without a game on Saturday, I have even less justification for not helping with the garden.
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