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  1. Another horror show in defence, plus only one memorable effort on goal. I understand why inexperienced players can make poor decisions, we have too many, hence the appalling results. The thing which sickens me and was boiling over in commentary, is the number of players who appear not to care. Very very few exceptions here, frightening situation looms again, all bar three or four? of the squad wouldnt be missed, where does the conversation with AL go next. Plus we have the purgatory of the North Stand saga to live through all summer.
  2. Much better attitude from the team first half, against a side needing a win. Lovely move with Whelan & Fage, should have hit the target but Dylan has been very bright. Still overplaying in defense, Pidge was lucky not to come unstuck. Not great, but refreshing not to be behind early, plus we have Roy for entertainment, again commenting on DKD " he's running around like a scalded cock".
  3. Pidge has been a good signing in my opinion, regularly having to sweep up when others go missing, plus almost never misses a header. That said, any player should be able to cope with some level if criticism, hope KC is just enjoying basic psychology with a player he actually rates (when doing his job properly). The clear instruction that we must play out from the back, is creating as many problems as it solves, just dont have the calibre for this to be reliable. So like you, I hope we see Pidge return next week, with the armband, showing the desire and commi
  4. Brutal appraisal from KC, didn't spare anyone, even poor Mikey who was desperate to end the interview on a positive note. The only plus point I would have dared to offer Keith was Zak's return, clearly Keith isnt seeing enough from anyone, be that during the game or in training. Heading for a showdown with the owner no doubt, will be another turbulent summer in prospect. Given that every player has now been read the riot act, presumably some already gone or told they are finished, it at least puts something on the last game? Interesting to see how they respond
  5. Awful. We conspired to make a mediocre side look excellent, Mansfield were comfortable all game. Just the one positive for me, Zak cake back, looked good, albeit rusty and should have taken the early chance. Nothing else to feel good about today. The season is definitely over. Just off field nonsense to talk about now, in spite of the results, still hoping KC stays.
  6. Trying to be philosophical about this. Experimental side, starting with Zak when he has been out for 4 months, Calum without support, with Marcus Barnes and Ben Garrity seemingly on trial for next season. Pitch is awful, yet we try to dribble out from the back, just daft. Nothing on the game really but a heavy defeat does nothing for morale. Surely a hatful of changes at half time. The much criticised Laurie Walker has made a few good stops.
  7. I appreciate your next day reflections of what went on Big Dog, more balanced than the prose we hammer out on Saturday afternoon. Pride and passion badly lacking from our side, I dont agree that we came second best to a battling side. Think it was Mikey in commentary during the first few minutes who described Grimsby as playing for a least a point, or looking to nick a win with counter attacking play. They didnt put us under sustained pressure, we were hopeless in possession, then let them have a few unchallenged strikes. Fair to criticise KC for subs which
  8. No doubt KC will find something constructive to say about the performance, if only that it affirms his appraisal of our deficiencies. The starting eleven looked ok, created chances, didnt capitalise. Credit to Conor for his solitary contribution. Agree with the comments which largely condemned the lack of hunger, focus, energy, fight or whatever you choose, it was lacking today. Also evident that we do miss Calum Whelan and if Pidge doesn't have a great game the back three isnt strong. The bench was weak, we dont have enough to change
  9. Could be off BP, but Dylan clearly makes an effort to win the ball back. No doubt he will be lambasted for sloppy passing, but sacrificing his creative talent just to have a reliable stopper on the field isnt my choice. As others have commented, the two Dylans play well together, we arent stringing much together at all, just relying on Conor being in behind or Nicky producing a good cross for Clarkey or Pidge.
  10. Expecting KC will be having a right go at most of the team, several 'not doing their job' for sure. Conor Mac superb for the goal, he is determined to hit 20 league goals. Having created a hatfull of chances, we then put ourselves under needless pressure. See how irrate KC is shortly, could be 5 subs from the start.
  11. Conor is almost certainly due to finish with over twenty goals. How many of his calibre are available? With the likely embargo on signing players for a fee (for clubs who took emergency EFL loans or state aid), hanging on to the one we have is clearly a great idea. Sadly our offer to Conor may not be attractive enough, but I would hope the club could structure some bonus laden deal which said his end of season bonus would be tempting. Watching him play, he is desperate to score, exasperated if he doesn't receive the ball when in the right area and works tirelessly, a
  12. Enjoyed that. Pidge well deserved MOM, kept them out in the first few minutes with crucial blocks and clearances, outstanding. The three centre backs is working nicely, Harry Clarke was back to being supercharged, making a difference with surging runs, we will have a job on finding another good CB to fill in. CBJ throws in the odd wayward pass but continues to add so much to the attack, should have scored. Alfie and Callum good again, shame Conor Mac didnt have many chances, ran himself ragged as usual. Special mention for the magic D
  13. We have a collective sense of frustration and uncertainty over 'what next?' I've feared the end of season shift to the recurring grim debate over recruitment, the North Stand, worries over insolvency. Clearly the owner has been willing or able to find minimal finance to sustain the club, dont know for how long. The rewards in running a struggling 4th division football club sailing close to the edge are limited, so why do it? I would understand sentimental folly from a lifelong Latics supporter & owner in this situation, as their heart would be in the right place, if no
  14. Very odd indeed. I saw the sense in not dropping Ian Lawlor when he made a few blunders, to avoid shattering his confidence, which in my opinion was the right decision, given the contribution he made. But to persist with a lame keeper when Bilboe seems to be an adequate number 2, or at least hasn't had the chance to show he isn't, does seem baffling. I don't know the ins and outs but does keeping and not playing the emergency keeper create some ludicrous breach of the arrangement which says he has to go back ...
  15. At least we showed some fight in the end. Morecambe clearly the better side, we gave them too much space and time. Laurie Walker had a problem for most / all of the game, not looking great for the last few games perhaps. Very annoying to have ifollow coverage drop out for a while, if they refund the £10 it hasn't been all bad.
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