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  1. No solace for me, still hurting from Tuesday. Unacceptable performance, yet ranting and raving at the players may not make any difference, certainly didn't work for Dino with the senior players, he gave it a good go mind. Your analysis of the defensive dilemmas is fair, several jigsaw pieces missing, so it wont look right whichever way. Pidge has to be there, I worry that Clarke isnt right, really struggled on Tuesday, I would gamble on not picking him to help him recover (if it is an injury), so Adams, Jameson, Pidge and Diarra. No proper left b
  2. Let my guard down this week, looking forward to this game, quietly confident, oh dear. Lawlor will beat himself up over the goal, but did ok, made a few decent stops. Conor Mac worked hard again, clearly our best goal threat, Adams continues to be a good player, with minimal support. Credit to young Harry Vaughan, a few good touches and went at them. The substitutions managed to weaken an already poor side. I haven't seen enough of Tasdemir to form a sensible opinion, HK isn't integrating him in the team though, we seem to be 10 + 1,
  3. Looking forward to being back, can't come soon enough. DKD and others deserve a great reception, before it's too late. I dont see the sense in slaughtering our players, proud to be a supporter, not ashamed to clap either. Saw the post match interview from Ian Lawlor, clearly upset with himself for mistakes in the last game, great reaction, clearly cares about giving 100%. Glad to have him involved with that attitude.
  4. Thanks BP. I share the optimism, he has looked good when we have dominated midfield (on those rare occasions). Just hopeful that he could flourish alongside Marcel or the much missed 'McCann type' player. Whelan and Garrity have suffered dogs abuse, both needing to rediscover their confidence.
  5. As a supporter without the knowledge or insights of an ex professional or coach, it is interesting to read how players are improving. Really appreciate how DKD is working hard for the team. Oddly enough, he seems to have suffered by having a strong pre season (which we couldn't watch), which set an expectation. It's been a while since he had an off game, the thing I and others picked up on was the awkward first touch or close control, with the ball just bouncing off him. That said, the lad was in a weak midfield, in front of a leaky defense ....
  6. Enjoyed that. Poor selection in defence, didn't work, no surprise, playing Jomabti out of position is daft. Jameson looked decent again when he came on. All credit to Ian Lawlor, much better, clearly trying to catch now, rather than flap. A number of good performances today, Adams, Conor Mac, DKD, Clarke (of course), Marcel, Blackwood did well. Player of the season confirmed, Dylan Bahamboula, give him the trophy now and a contract offer.
  7. Mixed emotions as usual. At least Dylan isnt sacrificed to accommodate Tasdemir. Surely Pidge is injured? Persisting with Jombati anywhere other than right back is baffling. We put our trust in Marcel to dominate the midfield.
  8. Nervously awaiting the team sheet. The back five being the main worry, doubt Lawlor will be dropped. At the moment I expect three goals needed for a point, wont be comfortable with less than a two goal cushion, even in the 95th minute.
  9. I dont disagree with your assessment. If the physio or medical staff say Zak isn't fully fit, dont play him, he is still in my 'best even', given the limitations of our squad. Rotating the defense is clearly perilous, particularly if you put Jombati anywhere other than right back. As for comparisons to football of yesteryear, different times of course, but the principle was to train less if you were playing more games. Not sure if we still gather data on how far players run etc during games, I recall reading we weren't paying the bills for the fancy technology ...
  10. If we had two good players in each position, no problem. The fixture congestion is a challenge every club has to cope with. I defer to the Brian Clough ethos, picking your best team, from available fit players, try to win every game. Given that our squad is paper thin, mandatory rotation means bringing in weaker players. Oddly enough, we probably can afford to shuffle the strikers, but I would always play Conor Mac and Zak (if fit). At this moment, I think we should be throwing everything at each game.
  11. Makes good sense to me, I don't worry too much about no having the best defensive record, our tradition is playing with width and wild abandon at times. Very frustrated with the result at Forrest Green. The pleasing aspect was to see Conor Mac so involved in the game, we don't have many aces, so play up to him. Taking Dylan out to accommodate Tas didn't work, I fear this may be the plan. Marcel continues to be highly entertaining and increasingly productive, need to stick with picking our best eleven HK.
  12. The squad rotation thing clearly will happen, either by design or due to injury. Dont agree this is our best eleven, but plenty will slaughter my choices. Jombati isnt a bad player, but can only play right back. Pidge has to come back, to partner Clarke. CBJ is our best left back, when fully focussed, a really good player. Not a slight on Badan, he hasnt done much wrong. Midfield probably does pick itself as you suggest, but I fully expect Tasdemir will play (if fit). Conor must start, the challenge is to play up to him, much relies on Dylan. Wh
  13. First half hopeless, second half a couple of sublime moments. Bahamboula magic. DKD tremendous finish. Credit to Clarke for battling all game, CBJ for important blocks and rediscovering his talent for crossing a ball.
  14. Grimsby appear to be doing their level best to beat Southend to the drop. Wonder how long the Bolton board will swallow the utter twaddle Ian Evatt comes out with
  15. Salford clearly should have a three goal lead, but haven't. Will need more than the prevailing wind to turn this in the second half. Dino had a memorable few games where we totally fell apart, this is equal or worse in my opinion. HK needs to show something here, its a shambles.
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