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  1. Indeed, Kewell and this squad not felt the wrath of our fans yet. Not that I join in with the slagging of at the ground but they deserve it today
  2. Why did he swap Bahamboula for Dearnley, better to keep them both on surely
  3. Being outplayed and frankly outclassed by Harrogate at home. Sweet lord
  4. The minute I saw the size difference in the squads I knew this would be a struggle. Typical physical game plan which we had zero answer to. Awful stuff
  5. Two incredibly shit teams. The usual with us, we come up against a set of six foot odd cloggers and we are clueless
  6. If this really is the case I wonder how anyone serious about getting into management would come to us! Your reputation is in tatters from the outset.
  7. We have a very poor team selection . I think there’s the odd decent player amongst us but the coach/manager/chairman are clueless as to how to use them
  8. That was completely inept and devoid of anything worthy of comment. Needs to change something second half ie bring an actual footballer on, to make any impact
  9. Kewell is another experiment which appears to be nose diving early doors. Although as we know the issues lie much deeper than him
  10. Dearnleys flick was impressive for the goal but beyond that i wouldnt have thought we were chasing the game with the lack of urgency on show. I thought they had a little more in the first half albeit not much! Apart from two or three we are decidedly non descript and noticably lightweight particularly against Port Vale today. We look scarily vulnerable in defence which is due in part to the weak midfield. Onto Southend Tues, yes i think they are bottom or thereabouts Yes i think Southend are bottom.
  11. Rowe is good but does tend to dwell too long on the ball, possibly something to do with his colleagues not getting in the right positions to receive the pass. In the middle we are chaos, no composure at all . Port Vale were straight forward and physical, worrall is a reminder to me how far we have fallen in the quality stakes. I rated him for us but didnt think he was outstanding but today he looked a cut above.
  12. We are not half decent by any stretch, terrible second half, walk in the park for Port Vale that. They wont have many more comfortable games than that.
  13. Didnt see the game but inspired substitution it would seem. Always rated Dearnley, him and Rowe last season before the world ground to a halt looked a breath of fresh air.
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