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Internet Browsers


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Firefox or Opera.


Both are faster and generally more secure than Internet Explorer (although no browser is completely secure).


I prefer Firefox as it has a vast range of add-ons (for example, I use one add-on that blocks all adverts from all websites once you've configured it, one that checks my email for me, one that blocks unwanted scripts, one that uses my email account as an extra drive, and many more). I have heard that the latest Opera is slightly faster, but Firefox is due a new version later this year that may be faster still. Both are a lot more user-friendly and customisable than Internet Explorer.


Safari had some very poor reviews when it was released for Windows (it's been an Apple product for a long time) but I don't know if it's improved since then. Apple have also come in for a lot of criticism for bundling it with iTunes as if you have to have it.

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There's a Firefox 3 Beta 4 out which I'm using already. Not massively different to FF2 but has a few new features but is quite a lot faster, even with a chunk of add-ons installed. It's difficult to improve on something that is practically perfect anyway!


Never used Opera so can't comment.


IE anything is the devil.

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firefox still has to many incompatability issues with a lot of websites


Really? Maybe I've been lucky, it works with everything I use (including Outlook Web Access). I'd also argue that it's the websites not working with Firefox rather than the other way round (too many were built to only work with IE, which until the next version isn't a well-designed or standards-compliant browser), but I know that's no help when you need something to work.

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You won't lose your bookmarks, but I wouldn't rush into version 3 yet. It's still a beta (not fully tested) release, with the final version due out later this year. It should work fine but they can't guarantee it, and some of your extensions may not be compatible. The new version is supposed to be much faster though, which should be good.

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