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With a few more performances like yesterday, and some of the stay-aways should start to come back, sad but true.


Its holiday season, the weather was poor and the opposition were hardly a crowd puller.

If we win games attendances will go up fact.

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Kind of hoping word might get around about the atmosphere.......it's as good a reason for many of the stay aways to return as the on field performances.


Agreed...lack of atmosphere is, in my opinion a contributing factor in the poor turnouts at home from Oldham fans. A good run of results wouldn't go amiss either though !


From reading about the atmosphere yesterday, I'm itching to get back to BP, and will probably try out the RRE ...but got me hands full with dirty nappies etc at the mo'.


Looking forward to 'dale on Tues and Leeds on Sat.

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There's all this talk about how Latics should promote themselves, but nothing will do it like 5000 of us going into work, pubs etc buzzing about what a fantastic game it was and how we can't wait to go next time. There's plenty of people who would have happily paid £18 to watch that if they'd had an idea about how good it would be.

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