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Hartlepool praise Latics fans

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I went to watch Abu Dhabi City against Portsmouth on Sunday. If I make a complaint to GMP about people standing up do you think I will get any response? It’s nice to see that in spite of the clap downs everywhere, their entire “singing section” are still able to stand. Oh but then again, Middle Eastlands it is still council owned.

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They obviously didn't hear the racist chants then... :blink:


(As reported by a friend who was there, a brief abomination from a very small minority of young numpties it would seem).



Nice to get a positive letter like that though. Puts the club in a good light. Well done to the (majority of) fans!

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I was seated for long periods.


Then again, after the previous night, six pints and a double rum and coke I could barley stand*. Last season was more of a problem, but I was sober and miffed.


I heard no or saw no problems.



*Though I was easily able to spot myself jumping up and down on telly.

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I stood up throughout the first half. At the start of the second half I sat down, until I realised that by sitting I had caused us to concede three goals. So I stood for the rest of the game and we kept our unbeaten record intact. :grin:



:o Your Lack Of Standing Support Brought Hartlepool Back Into The Game



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