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Good support in the away sections!! I went to the toilet in the stand I was in and could here "Oh when the blues..." over their efforts, good skills, it must've been pretty cold on that uncovered bit!!


I was more interested in the planes flyin overhead.

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Thought it was a poor atmosphere tbh, even in the first half when we werent so bad.


The atmosphere was poor - typical of an allocated seat crowd. Plenty seemed to be happy singing "We are top of the league", but when that ceased to be appropriate, there was a lot of sulking and moaning, instead of the more difficult getting behind the team to try to encourage a comeback.


The second half performance was as bad as it gets, but in addition to the mass walkout at 1-3, I was also disappointed that there was very little applause at the end in recognition of the enjoyment we've had from the unbeaten run. Dissatifaction at the second half performance is only natural, but to turn a cold shoulder against the team seems unjust to me.


In the cold light of day, after a very disappointing result, we still average the two points a game needed for promotion. We have only lost once and scored more goals than anyone else. It was Stockport's first home win, but I thought they played really well in the second half - better than we did in the first half when we were on top, but didn't take oiur chances. Stockport have only lost one game like us.


It shouldn't be forgotten that if Leicester had played their game in hand when it should have been played, we wouldn't have been top of the league for so long, if at all. Then even our most popular song would not have been appropriate and the atmosphere would have been even worse.


Time to get back on the horse against Hereford, and get behind the team to go on another unbeaten run. After all it's a marathon we're tasting, not a time for sniggers! :comeon:

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