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  1. anyone know how many season tickets have been sold for the new stand?
  2. I see he got a straight red today for bringing down Jordan Rhodes. goal was scored from the freekick.
  3. scored a cracking freekick in a pre season friendly against boro if i remember correctly
  4. hi Owl, thanks for getting in touch.

    Glad Ah is helping - he's a decent bloke despite what some say.

    Afraid I don't know what the discount would be but I'd imagine it would be on a par with OAPs.

    Anyway, pleased you'll be able to get to more matches than otherwise.


  5. AH is sorting me out with a student discount. I will be paying on the day so i guess i will get some kind of card. Any idea how much it will cost me with this? Website says £9 concessions. Didnt want to publisize it on the board.

  6. i have a good parking spot at latics if we ever drive. its the first street behind the main car park. my mums fella's parents said i can park there whenever i want. 2 min walk to chaddy.

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