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  1. No, it was FPL and was £20 I think. Don't think it's on next season due to lack of interest and people not bothering to pay
  2. You are correct. Edited. Im really surprised there isn't a good amount joining this. The OWTB's league has a lot of players. Quite a few would have beat the winning score in the Playershare league.
  3. Bit poor that 4 people in the league didn't bother paying despite joining and being in the league all season. You were also contacted by Rick Atwood asking to pay. Some of the money went to Playershare so the club misses out too.
  4. On at heyside cricket club. £10 a ticket. Pie supper. Pay on door.
  5. playing away to Exeter with Chris Taylor in defence and Jason Price on the wing....
  6. Sad times when people think that relegation is the answer. Is League 2 easier to get promoted from? We would lose our better players and fans too. I think we are better than our league position suggests. Try and stay in the league. Hopefully the new stand will generate new revenue and entice new and old fans back. I'm not confident we will stay up but i hope we don't throw the towel in.
  7. Playershare are running a league. £10 entry. Overall cash prize and monthly prize. Rick Attwood is running it. Please send £10 via PayPal to playershare@laticsplayershare.co.uk
  8. Good pies those. I had two on the day. Made up for the beating we took..
  9. Did we get forte after he was released by saints? Worked out pretty well.
  10. Think its just the off season blues kicking in. Happy to see one in today. Prefer quality not quantity too.
  11. Our biggest threat and if can keep fit 20 goals next season hopefully.
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