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I really don't want to pour cold water on what is a brilliant idea :chubb: , but I feel I have to mention a couple of niggles. :deal:


Firstly, the voucher is in the rarely wrong Chron, which is not available to people outside its circulation area . This becomes even more anomalous iwith the newspaper stressing that it has nothing to do with the competition. :unsure:


Secondly, although there was also a voucher in the programme for the last home match, I don't want to cut the voucher oiut of the programme and it says photocopies will not be accepted. :disappointed:


Not to worry, I'll take my chance to take part by being picked out up to fifteen minutes before the kick-off :chaddy: , unlike those who stay in the pub until the last minute. :who:

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I think its a great idea. Just dont think Tony the groundsman would be thinking the same. I can just imagine his face when Alan told him about it. :lol:


Are you allowed to have a go? Even though you don't need the ST... Loved the goal from the corner at HT at Stockport!

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