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Adams in the chair again!

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I think the threads title should be changed from 'mad pompey' to 'utterly broke pompey, who are right up crap creek, and couldnt aford to employ anyone decent who is not already on the payroll' ...


I'd have thought if they were going to give the job to someone on the staff it would have gone to Joe Jordan...not to Adams, whose CV reads 'one relegation, then started well in L2 and fell away'. It's better to go with someone unproven than someone who's proven himself to be useless...I only hope for Pompey's sake that he's learnt lessons from Redknapp.


That said, I'd love it if he brings in Merson as his number 2.

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Once in a while there are stories of achievement that remind you that however humble a man's background and whatever advantages he lacked in his educational background, with application and opportunity he can show himself to be a true intellectual. Sadly when Adams tries showing off his fancy book-word learning he just looks like a tit.


Still, at least the party is till on in Portsmouth



Harry still gets Freedom of City despite walkout, says council leader



Harry Redknapp at his first Spurs game yesterday


« Previous « PreviousNext » Next »View GalleryADVERTISEMENTPublished Date:

26 October 2008

By Rob Dabrowski

The show goes on - that is the message from senior city council figures in the wake of the shock news of Redknapp's departure.

The manager was due to play a starring role in the big celebrations being held on Tuesday to honour the club for last season's FA Cup success.


Harry Redknapp and the cup-winning squad are set to be awarded the freedom of the city, and the manager and Sol Campbell are lined up to accept the honour in front of 2,000 guests in a glittering ceremony at the Guildhall.


The event is also set to be shown live on the big screen in Guildhall Square for those who couldn't get their hands on one of the prized tickets.


But council leader Gerald Vernon-Jackson insisted to The News that Redknapp's resignation did not change anything, and called for people attending the ceremony to treat the new Spurs boss with respect.


'The award was to recognise what Harry has done for the city and I'm incredibly disappointed that he's going because he's done so much, but that doesn't take away from his achievements.


'He took us from a position where we were not a great side and he's turned us into a top 10 Premiership team and got us the FA Cup for the first time in almost 70 years - he made us survive when survival seemed impossible,' said Cllr Vernon-Jackson.


'As far as I understand it we will go ahead on Tuesday - the official decision has been made.


'I'm absolutely gutted and it will be a very different ceremony, it will be a ceremony about disappointment, rather than joy.


'The bit that I find difficult is that just a couple of weeks ago, I saw Harry say on TV "I'm Pompey 'til I die", that sticks in the throat a bit.


'I feel stunned and deflated. I don't think people should gloss over what's happened and pretend they aren't disappointed, but of course they shouldn't boo and jeer him.'

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