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James Brown

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Out for the season with cruciate damage. He won't be feeling too good today.


Stelling's doll will have to be put away until next year...


Seriously though, big blow for Hartlepool. If they could've strengthened their away form in the second half of the season they were my dark horses for a late surge.

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They're a useful side to us are Hartlepool. They'll give games to all our promotion rivals, but their defence, whether home or away, is too poor to get them into the top 6 - which is why they probably haven't taken that many points from the teams at the top, but even so, they'll provide a tough test.


It's a shame he's out for the season, especially from our point of view.

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I'm looking forward to Saturday as iam going to watch the mighty Fleetwood Town beat Hartlepool in the F.A cup, the cod army will be singing and cup fever is sweeping the town. Fleetwood vs Man.Utd at Old Trafford in the 3rd round sounds good.



Quite remarkabley I'm going to that game too.


I'll be in the other end though*.




*But I'll be quietly wanting the same result.

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