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Lee Hughes - Hope this helps

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I have read the many posts on the question of Lee going to Doncaster for £400.000 and the position the club has been left in since this became public knowledge for whatever reason.


There have been a massive amount of hits also on the topic which has persuaded me to post on the matter. Please forgive me for opening another thread on this.


Let me first of all comment on the excellent number of points that have been made and in many cases you have all answered the several number of ways that matters regarding Lee could be dealt with.


A great deal of work went into the signing of Lee Hughes in the first instance and for my part I was working on it for over six months. Other Director worked equally as keen to secure the move. I for one would not want to throw all that away.


Lee is a great player for us and that is recognised in every quarter. The owners are committed to trying to keep him at the club and do not always announce in public any negotiations that are taking place. We think about our players and our fans and nobody wants to see our best players leave the club.


Having said all that nobody can deny a footballers right to seek a better living for himself. That goes for Lee and every footballer I have met to date. He likes Oldham, he is settled and would like to stay. The rights written into his contract are no different to those of some other footballers. It is just unfortunate that these have been released in the press.


As many of you have expressed, the owners have to look at the price of any contract as it relates to the clubs finances at a given time.


Believe me we are fortunate to have owners who want promotion and progress and do not automatically think of their losses along the way.


I fully appreciate the many diverse opinions on the matter but the general feeling seems to be that people want Lee to stay. Lets hope it all works out that way. It will not be a matter of people not trying.






Thanks for all the other questions which I will work on and get back to you asap.

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Please note that this topic has been closed, since Barry's position, as head of the Trust, tends to mean that such posts become a free-for-all 'ask Barry'. Any posts re. the Hughes situation should go in the (other) Hughes thread.



OWTB Staff

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