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  1. As a bit of a lapsed chess geek, I loved The Queen's Gambit. Enjoyed Atypical too.
  2. I definitely predicted dudes but wouldn't have picked up any points in any case.
  3. Very akin to Lancs' recent performances. Leicestershire didn't half throw away that QF against Notts.
  4. The rule's always been no hedge betting - complete predictions have to be a possible outcome of the game. In the past, these would have been voided - are we changing the laws of the game?
  5. I went 0-0 thinking we’d be equally shit. I was very wrong.
  6. I didn’t let not knowing any of the players stop me. I just picked someone from the drop-down list who I think scored last week! A better approach looks to be to go no scorer every game.
  7. On a serious note, are you in, so @Bristolatic can start producing league tables? Congrats @rudemedic on securing your place in to top tier. You can both pay your top-ups to the PayPal account and thanks @disjointed for your top-up of £35 - already received.
  8. Since @rosa hasn’t shown up, if this bid still stands, a Premier League spot is yours.
  9. Just choose a number you’ll remember. As long as it doesn’t match anyone else’s you’ll be fine. Otherwise, you’ll be prompted to pick another number.
  10. If you’ve entered - please check you appear in the Roll Call thread. If not, let me know and we can try and get to the bottom of it.
  11. From memory, I didn't clarify whether the result in the final was taken at FT or AET. One player won based on FT, the other based on AET, so I promoted both and relegated myself. Bid's at £30...
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