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  1. Into the knockout stage go: Lawman @aidan_latics @JohnnyPimp @Jimbooth @24hoursfromtulsehill @lookersstandandy @Sparkleking @Laticsbiffo @astottie @Brisbaneblue @pcassist @singe @Nohairdontcare @RobinsDuckEgg @milnrow latics @GlossopLatic @Dave_Og @jbroyton @MrPartyPants6 @Londonboy @mackin89 @oafcmetty @JoeP @JohnG123 @nzlatic @disjointed @Chaddyexile84 @alisonh1981 @CoreyECFC @Oafc1895 @stevesidg @mick26
  2. Second place finishers from Groups A-P. alien is the unlucky one to drop out of the competition.
  3. Belatedly, Forest Green (a) results: GROUP A Lawman 2-0 BP1960 aidan_latics 2-0 oafc21 GROUP B JohnnyPimp 5-0 Bristolatic Jimbooth 1-0 philwhite GROUP C lookersstandandy 2-2 24hoursfromtulsehill south east latic 2-5 the_mighty_bosh GROUP D Sparkleking 2-0 Latics_Fanatic Laticsbiffo 0-2 DavidCollinge GROUP E astottie 0-0 rvlatic Brisbaneblue 0-0 dannyboy55555 GROUP F futchers briefs 2-2 singe 4oakslatic 0-0 pcassist GROUP G LaticsPete 0-2 Noha
  4. Ignore the knockout fixtures for now - I need to rejig those, thanks to postponements during the group stage.
  5. Final group games move to tomorrow night.
  6. Final round of group fixtures roll on to this weekend after the Scunny postponement.
  7. Scunthorpe (a) fixtures: GROUP A Lawman v BP1960 aidan_latics v oafc21 GROUP B JohnnyPimp v Bristolatic Jimbooth v philwhite GROUP C lookersstandandy v 24hoursfromtulsehill south east latic v the_mighty_bosh GROUP D Sparkleking v Latics_Fanatic Laticsbiffo v DavidCollinge GROUP E astottie v rvlatic Brisbaneblue v dannyboy55555 GROUP F futchers briefs v singe 4oakslatic v pcassist GROUP G LaticsPete v Nohairdontcare tGWB v RobinsDuckEgg
  8. Salford (h) results: GROUP A Lawman 1-0 oafc21 aidan_latics 2-1 BP1960 GROUP B JohnnyPimp 0-2 philwhite Jimbooth 2-1 Bristolatic GROUP C lookersstandandy 2-1 the_mighty_bosh south east latic 2-3 24hoursfromtulsehill GROUP D Sparkleking 6-1 DavidCollinge Laticsbiffo 2-1 Latics_Fanatic GROUP E astottie 6-1 dannyboy55555 Brisbaneblue 2-0 rvlatic GROUP F futchers briefs 1-1 pcassist 4oakslatic 0-2 singe GROUP G LaticsPete 1-6 RobinsDuckEgg tGWB 1
  9. Salford (h) fixtures: GROUP A Lawman v oafc21 aidan_latics v BP1960 GROUP B JohnnyPimp v philwhite Jimbooth v Bristolatic GROUP C lookersstandandy v the_mighty_bosh south east latic v 24hoursfromtulsehill GROUP D Sparkleking v DavidCollinge Laticsbiffo v Latics_Fanatic GROUP E astottie v dannyboy55555 Brisbaneblue v rvlatic GROUP F futchers briefs v pcassist 4oakslatic v singe GROUP G LaticsPete v RobinsDuckEgg tGWB v Nohairdontcare
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