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  1. Could have been an entertaining five day game had Lancs not lost it in the first half hour of day one.
  2. Especially Paul Allott joining in! Here’s hoping Somerset can see out the day after Warwickshire declare tomorrow! Or for a lot of unforcasted rain! Some crazy decision-making once the nerves set it but thankfully Vilas kept a cool head (aside from letting Blatherwick take that single!).
  3. So, I imagine much to @Bristolatic's disgust, we have to rejig the tables again. @Brisbanebluesigned up but sent his money to the wrong account, so now takes his place in the Championship. This works out very nicely for @BP1960 who, on the back of that, is promoted to the Premier League, making three divisions of 18 players each.
  4. Apologies to @Londonboy, whose entry I had missed. And to @alien who misses out on the free promotion to the Championship as a result. And to @Bristolatic, who now has to mend the tables as a result of my balls up. Line-up amended above.
  5. No idea who Edward is. But final line-up in edited post above.
  6. Edit: mystery solved - JohnnyPimp is in. Final line-up below. Pending confirmation of the mystery player's username, line-up by division as follows: Premier League @Hometownclub @singe @lookersstandandy @disjointed @astottie @24hoursfromtulsehill @GlossopLatic @stevesidg @oafcmetty @nzlatic @aidan_latics @rudemedic @Ex_pat @al_bro @Nohairdontcare @Handsy @JohnnyPimp @BP1960 Championship @milnrow latics @SAV @south east latic @LaticsPete @DavidCollinge Lawman @Laticsbiffo @Bristolatic @Stevie_J @Dave_Og @mick26 @JoeP @oafcmad09 @alisonh1981 @Sparkleking @tGWB @Londonboy @Brisbaneblue League One @alien @the_mighty_bosh @jbroyton @Dick_Valentine @JohnG123 @Gentleman @RobinsDuckEgg @deyres42 @futchers briefs @MrPartyPants6 @mackin89 @hinchy @Chaddyexile84 @4oakslatic @Mdireland88 @adamoafc @PeteWeb @Macca
  7. I’ve updated with those I’ve got payments for. Received payment from John Bush but with no username - can anyone help? I’m away from tomorrow morning until Monday so may struggle to update any further until then. I’ll confirm line-ups for each division next week.
  8. Slight correction - it has benefited Dr Kershaw’s in the past but proceeds now go to the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, in memory of opinions4u.
  9. @Hometownclub @al_bro @alisonh1981 @RobinsDuckEgg @Nohairdontcare @Dick_Valentine @Handsy @lookersstandandy @BP1960 Lawman @Ex_pat @LaticsPete @tGWB @milnrow latics @adamoafc @DavidCollinge @deyres42 @hinchy @jbroyton @futchers briefs @SAV @Sparkleking @Chaddyexile84 @mick26 @24hoursfromtulsehill @alien @MrPartyPants6 @oafcmetty @aidan_latics @nzlatic @the_mighty_bosh @JohnG123 @PeteWeb @south east latic @Dave_Og @singe @stevesidg @rudemedic @Bristolatic @Laticsbiffo @4oakslatic @mackin89 @disjointed @Stevie_J @JoeP @astottie @Gentleman @oafcmad09 @GlossopLatic @Mdireland88 @JohnnyPimp @Macca @Londonboy @Brisbaneblue
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