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Decent font on Photoshop


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how do you get font like you do on the banner on photoshop?




forgive me if this sounds easy..im a beginner!

Right, first search for a font you like.

Download it

Extract somewhere you can find it (I use c:\fonts)

Then go to your control panel

Switch to Classic View

Select Fonts

Goto File > Install New Font

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For the font files give www.freefonts.com a go.


I've never had problems with it, but as always when downloading I suggest you virus check them before you open the .zip file.


Then either do what Stevie says, or the way I do it is just to open the 'fonts' folder in control panel and drag and drop the file you've extracted from the .zip folder in to the fonts folder and it will install it for you (makes it easier if you've got loads of them at once than doing them one at a time).



Hope that helps mate, and keep up the good work on the vids!

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