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Tangerine Topped Terror Tees!


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Fingers crossed, we will get the shirts down to Orient for the game on Saturday. :awooga: It's a last minute logistical job (applause to Beardy, Wardle and Markoasis for forming the chain) but all being well we'll make it. The plan is that I will be at the Doric Arch by Euston Station to meet the booze train party, and Mark will head back to his Manor to set up camp at the Coach and Horses near the ground (see the On The Road forum for details) to set the stalls up.


If you are coming by a different route, look out for us at half time where beer and pies are to be found. Wherever you look for us, I will be tall, wearing glasses and a Taylor t-shirt, Mark will be wearing a Taylor t-shirt and I dare say a Tangerine Scarf (see him for scarf-type enquiries BTW). Mark will answer to Mark, I will answer to Andy (or Lees).


Folk who aren't down for collecting at Orient or if you were but can't make it, don't worry, we'll hang on to your kit as planned.


There is still a limited amount of stock which can be reserved (subject to numbers and size) for the reduced rate of £10.49 (give or take a penny) - the cut off point for this is when I leave work on Friday, up to 4.30 you will be OK, if it's 6 I'll be in a foul mood. Any unreserved stock at this point will be on open sale at the (without exception and still bargain) price of £12.99. Almost.


Orders have been better than we ever hoped for, at risk (again) of sounding like a blonde Oscar winner it's been really encouraging in nervous times that you folk are supporting this Board, be it because you like the gear or you like the Forum. It gives us confidence to go ahead with other fundraising ideas that will secure the running costs and allow us to think ahead about ways to put something back into our club through OWTB.

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