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Chesterfield OS Match Report

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An Oldham man broke through the defence on 56 but looked suspiciously offside; as he entered the box, the pursuing Trotman eased him to the floor in what looked suspiciously like a penalty to the fans behind Lee's goal. With two wrong decisions combining to make the right one, play was allowed to continue.

'Eased' him to the floor? :blink:

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I think :lol: :lol: describes that "report" ... have a read for yourself.


Match Report

Ha. That reads like a 14 year old has done it as a project for school. How that has found it's way onto a professional clubs website is beyond me - :shock: - still, always a good read to laugh at just how biased some can be in favour of their own side.....but that is shockingly poor journalism :grin:

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