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Who followed Google?

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We were 10 minutes late, along with a few other lads. Then a few more. And a few more.


We got our directions off Google Maps and they had us seven mile away from the ground. There was at least 20 people late, I'm guessing others did the same?


Google maps are :censored:e, although I guess you know that now. You can't go wrong with the good old fashioned AA classic route planner...

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Did Google take you to the old ground? I just did a quick check and on mine I got taken to the old ground when I put the end destination "Chesterfield FC" in. Hint postcodes don't normally move but football clubs do (note I'm sure following postcodes is not always the best way to go but I can't think of specific examples).


I followed Diego's directions aka Football ground guide's last year for the most part, they got me there although possibly not via the best route.

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