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Boundary Blues relaunch

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Well done to all who organised the above. Took my little lad today (2 and a half) and he loved it. He was the youngest there I think, so didn't get too involved in the organised activities, but loved having the chance to kick the ball about and into the goal past daddy. He met Chaddy, which he was delighted with, and the magic owl even played football with him for a bit. He couldn't wait to tell grandma all about it.


Had a good chat with Neil Joy too - seems to approaching the job with a pragmatic viewpoint, which is good to hear. Small acorns and all that...


Anyway have a photo of the happiest two year old in Lancs:


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Cracking photo of the little 'un. Glad he enjoyed himself.


You can't comprehend how jealous I am. While I was at BP on Saturday with all you reprobates my 9 year old daughter was at Old Trafford with the wife's Dad watching United v Wigan. She came back with a shirt, a scarf, the lot. My 12 year old daughter was infected 2 years ago and is lost. It's the downside of living in Salford. It's an epidemic. They're everywhere. Don't worry, they're both up for adoption. Fortunately, my 6 year old daughter is showing no signs of the disease as yet but i'm watching her closely...

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