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  1. I was told by the same source that Gerrard signing was about a 2/10 chance
  2. Deal is apprently close A rare one more would have actually seen play... Thoughts?
  3. Forget the Scottish leagues and go to the Gibraltar league after last night ?
  4. Potentially a decent signing on paper this one Seriously what better is expected, no striker scoring more than his average would be remotely interested in coming here or could they afford 1 year loan is arguably better than 1 year contract It's the 2/3 month loans that are the annoying ones Welcome Billy
  5. How can you work with Corney now SC - 'You know that job you interviewed for 5 weeks ago, we are appointing you & you were always our 1st choice' Manager - But you said I was useless and would never appoint me' SC - 'I rang the wrong number' Manager - 'Ok, what's the players we have and budget' SC - Urm... I will get back to you once you signed the contract
  6. Utter mess I don't think Corney realises just how damaging this is going to be for the season Players (if they get any in) will all be unfit, lose the 1st 5 games blame and sack the inexperienced manager (Kuqi has not experience in England) then back to square one Any price on Latics to go down should be bet right now
  7. I'm only accepting Kuqi if we get a swan dive celebration in a suit on a wet Tuesday night in November when we score a goal
  8. Haha 10 year old idiots running it with nothing better to do You know Corney would have made him pay if legit
  9. Personality aside for football reasons Evans would be a hell of an appointment Sadly the club have as much chance of landing him as me applying and getting it id of thought (I do have my level 1 & 2 coaching badges) ? He go a £168k car at Rotherham for getting them prompted.. He would be lucky to get a £20 petrol allowance for his car at Latics
  10. Oh it is just a silly punt don't get me wrong Mind if he will do it for the cheapest of the candidates he will be in ?
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