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Previous Seasons: Playing Record from New Year

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For information.


Playing record (including cup matches) from New Year's Day onwards:


2012-13: Played 25, Won 9, Drew 5, Lost 11. Final position: 19th

2011-12: Played 26, Won 6, Drew 6, Lost 14. Final position: 16th

2010-11: Played 28, Won 6, Drew 9, Lost 13. Final position: 17th

2009-10: Played 24, Won 7, Drew 6, Lost 11. Final position: 16th

2008-09: Played 23, Won 5, Drew 9, Lost 9. Final position: 10th

2007-08: Played 26, Won 12, Drew 6, Lost 8. Final position: 8th

2006-07: Played 25, Won 8, Drawn 7, Lost 10. Final position: 6th

2005-06: Played 22, Won 8, Drawn 5, Lost 9. Final position: 10th

2004-05: Played 26, Won 6, Drawn 7, Lost 13. Final position: 19th

If we delete the Cup matches, the average number of points gained from New Year over the past nine seasons is 27.3.


A points total equal to the average should avoid relegation.

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We have one thread blaming no continuity for being bottom half of the table, then we have loads of other threads bringing back stats from years ago, this one 9 years.


Does it really have any relevance to a team that barely resembles the one we had last July, nevermind the ones under the past manager?

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