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Salary Cost management Protocol (SCMP)

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Does anyone know where I can obtain/see a copy of the regulations/rules/conditions for the Salary Cost Management Protocol operated in leagues 1 and 2. Nerdy I know but I can't find out what is included in "turnover" nor can I find out what is included in "wages". Can surpluses, if you don't spend 60% be carried forward?


There are for example articles on the web which say you can include transfer fees in turnover but exclude transfer fees from wages and there are articles that say it is the other way round.

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Thanks but been there read that. Its the detailed rules I'd like to see.


It seems to me that there is a basic problem for every club because they have to project turnover before the start of the season excluding cup runs and transfer fees (if included) and build a team based on what most probably is a lower wages budget than is likely. If you try to sign players that take you over the limit the Football league will block the move refusing to register the player. The consequence is you can't sign players long term on the results of a cup run because next season your projected wages budget will be lower. It is the same for everyone but must be a nightmare to manage and to build long term.

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If revenue is higher than forecast, can this extra money be used?
Absolutely. Any extra revenue can be used as we see fit so that again highlights the important of financial backing from supporters.
Clubs may be cautious when submitting their summer calculations and then, in the event of higher crowds or a good cup run, mid-season forecasts can be altered as required.

Read more at http://www.hartlepoolunited.co.uk/news/article/060613-scmp-information-857082.aspx#jtHOvApiVLV841E7.99

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