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  1. Some people are forgetting the style of football we played to get to the Premiership!
  2. I just wish he or his brother would name themselves as coach or manager and stop having a fall guy to hide behind. Come forward name yourself and as we slide down the league realise you are not the answer.
  3. I'll stop watching now just to give us a chance!
  4. A late tackle is I would have thought in the circumstances of two players going for the same ball one made after the other player. They both went for the same ball and the Bolton player got there first. A yellow card.
  5. We are in league 2 because we are not that good and the same can be said of every other team. Salford were not good enough first half and we did them second. Great result with two really good goals. Still in touch just takes a decent run and who knows!
  6. Isn't our noble leader reported as having the ambition to make the playoffs or was that until someone offered him a bag of smarties for Rowe?
  7. I think returning Garrity would give the 'reasonable excuse' necessary to drive anywhere. There is a great amount of drivel talked about when you can or can't drive. Nowhere in the official guidance on uGov does it link essential with driving. Essential is linked with certain activities, so they count as a reasonable excuse, like shopping but nowhere does it say you have to go to the nearest shop. Finally you are only told to stay local when driving somewhere to exercise.
  8. I think it is usually five days from infection to a positive test. Numbers here in Uppermill/Greenfield are static. Any Christmas effect was probably counteracted by the lack of infection coming home from schools.
  9. We must have a better player than Garrity. Tis the midfield that is struggling.
  10. Outrageous that we have to change out of our home kit!
  11. I know we have the mega thread but this is a stand alone issue. It rather looks like we will be stuck playing behind closed doors whereas other teams in our league will be allowed home supporters when we play away. To my mind it is all teams or none and I hope the EFL thinks so too.
  12. The beer didn't help. Hopeless is as hopeless does.
  13. Good diagnosis. Watching this without a drink is dire.
  14. Just surprised we are top of something and yes it is players in the squad so they don’t have to start but many seem to be. If it is Pappa thingy trophy good on him but who cares.
  15. Kate is just making farting sounds. Rider in Giro has just tested positive six months after he had Covid. That is what coronaviruses can do reinfect even after only a short period. Vaccine next year possible?probable but it won't stop people being infected so that the virus goes underground, so to speak, and makes things more dangerous. The future is not so bright particularly facing a winter in the "very high".
  16. Roy said that running about against Bolton made them tired hence the fresh legs! How are we still in it?
  17. One could watch with 5 mates in the back garden under a hastily erected shelter with a patio heater only to find next week that we can't even meet outside either.
  18. We know why the three amigos bought the club - to make money from the land but also because Blitz is football mad. I suspect Marco just liked the idea of owning an English football club and persuaded himself that because of his experience as an agent as well as his contacts that it wouldn't cost him an arm and a leg. It all went wrong firstly because his choice of players has been spectacularly awful and secondly because he can't stop interfering. Now he is in so deep and hoping that somebody with more money and less sense than him can be persuaded to buy the club. The three amigos
  19. The land would be worth much more unencumbered. It rather looks like you are buying a football ground that has to be used as a football ground.
  20. Brilliant performance from 22nd to 21st by losing.
  21. Bottom of the league and having a laugh. Just ordered Ponui!
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