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Had that sent round work earlier.


If he's 17, i'll eat my hat.


IIRC, there were / still are rumours of age cheating around the Nigerian sidethat won Olympic Gold - Kanu and his mates. They all had to be under 23 at the games, but the big rumours at the time were that they were all more like 25, 26, 27+ years of age and had been held back purely to gain an advantage in an attempt to win Gold.


Back to this lad - he makes Gary Harkins look young. Thats how bad he is!!!!

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FIFA have actually introduced some clear and much better policies on this than just a birth-certificate. It relates primarily to bone age, in particular the fusing of certain bones. Lazio at the moment are seemingly relying on the player's birth certificate, something that even if it's a genuine birth certificate might not be accurate. (For example the most popular DOB in many countries is Jan 1st, because that's what gets put on birth certificates and passports if there is uncertainty).

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