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  1. Fuming. l'll wait until the end of the window before l spit my dummy, but..
  2. If we sell Rowe l'm moving into the nothing is ever good camp, vociferously booming out AL hatred, going getting my flag back and boycotting in any way possible.
  3. That's jus Barry tho. After l had had a couple of them moments about Barry l realised it was best to kind of zoom out on anything Barry related, transfer that staggered feeling to a kind of coverall of the fact he is at the club and find a way to just laugh at him. Its the only way to cope. The guy is an absolute Blunderbuss.
  4. Not sure how the CEO giving an interview where he says 'its not really my job' and 'the academy has been left to drift' and 'the owner hasnt got the skill set to run an academy' cones out of your device, down your earlobes and your brain hears that 'the club now has a plan in place for the academy.' Bonkers.
  5. Accidentally turned if off with about 40mins left but will probably finish it later. l don't usually listen to stuff like that, thats only my third one (the others being that Anthony Gerrard one and that Sir Brian Cox Bournemouth one) but l agree yes that needed to be unedited. Further murked the Wheater waters but leads us to the conclusion that wheater isnt trying hard enough, whilst being 'thoroughly professional' by turning up every day. Defensive of his paymaster and l found the 'having an affair with Oldham Athletic' line a lttle bit mouthsicky kind of like we should be grateful hes
  6. l think you mean rules but yeah long live the rules. Is it gay to be a bit gay for him? Not felt this way about anybody since Jack Byrne
  7. Danny Rowe is so fuckin good that he plays the game wearing socks, shinnys, boots, boxers, cycling shorts, shorts, vest*, under armour, shirt, gloves, deep heat and not a single person dares come on here and call him soft. Please stay Danny. Please. Love him sending DKD back for the ball. DKD is like fuckinell sorry didnt think did l, l'd just bagged Rowe is like mint, go get it then and DKD tbf puts in a decent jog Love that so much *potential exaggeration
  8. Looking for new ways to score is about as far away from what we actually need as you can get! Launching crosses into the box with a team that hardly ever wins a header is just another way of losing the ball, we do that way too much as it is already. Yes, lno you said 'decent cross' and not 'launch' but for that to work you need somebody with a 'decent cross' and our best would probably be Rowe which would mean looking for people like McAleny and Bahamboula. Next best be Barnett, he's on the bench. lf this whole idea is either spawned from one good Garrity ball or an actual concerted effo
  9. Imagine how much the asking price would have gone up by since he last asked, probs be about £11.5M by now.
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