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  1. ahhh yes, few decades younger than me is young Abe
  2. l know that. Can't place it. Did l say it?
  3. Can't see him being the answer alongside Pidge tbh, they strike me as very similar (slow, brave, loves a header, loves a block). The three other defenders are going to need pace and discipline or an excellent reading of the game, which isn't a standout feature for Fage and we aren't getting much use out of Hart.
  4. l just didnt see it coming and l don't think lve heard it before, plus l love a metaphor and am a big fan of deadpan. Must have been a combo. Smiled at my sheets when l woke up Proper bastards to wash tho.
  5. Fuckin brilliant just spat chocolate cake and cream all over my phone and the bedding l only did on monday but l don't even care ffs silk lilac sheets aswell gona look like lve shit the bed!!! Proper cracked me up that. So glad l didn't iron them now.
  6. The slow cooker worked but l'll still try your way next time. Can imagine the rub soaking in better when theyre soft, will get all in the marrow and everything wont it . Appreciate the tip l work in TV, maybe our paths shall cross..
  7. Yeah and we'll never know. Can't believe it took me all the way until Scholes quitting to switch on to this clown.
  8. Its not rained enuf so the training grounds are too hard. Just made that up, but l could imagine hearing it.
  9. ah yes. l like to marinade in the rub for at least a day tho. lf the slow cooker doesnt work, l'll try that next time l get lumbered w them.. .
  10. Also the frenchladz from division 7 werent on the joke wages that Blyth, Stobbs etc get
  11. Yes Bunn always forget him, even tho we lost 6-0 l was surprised he got booted.
  12. Yeah thought that's what you were saying. Going to allow my worry to click up 1%. Blitz is such a millstone. Love a metaphor me. Might run a few scenarios where administration/millstone blood sucker is shed/ALMO is shed/NL is embraced/freedom abounds/good times return. My metaohorical example is the guy who falls off a mountain and lies with his hand trapped under a rock for the days drinking his own urine, before hacking off his hand in order to survive, ends up making millions from a film about it and marries Rachel Riley. Rather than bleeding to death with sepsis.
  13. l thought Wild could have done something and even tho results didnt show it, Scholes was bringing Baby back and would have got us somewhere in the long run.
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