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  1. I don't think we are asking him to. He can have a man directly in his vision completely open and he just ignores him and launches it, it must be proper frustrating to play with bc it drives me mad as a spectator. For balance, he's put some absolutely fantastic challenges in this season tho and generally does well in his one on one defending.
  2. We all agree, in principle. Keep the ball on the floor, yes?
  3. It's jus bc you have woken up in a positive mood, that's all.
  4. Bahamboula and Dearnley I'd say. I get what BP means, but he is over simplifying it.
  5. Ahh, I get you. So how do we get the ball to WamBaham wo passing it? Pick it up and run with it?
  6. 'Go direct' lose the header to a defender and lose possession??? We are already doing that. Just keep the ball away from Pidge, everybody else can pass the ball like normal players.
  7. Ino but I get accused of being too positive so I'm trying to show my meaner more ruthless side. Ive done exactly what Bahamboula did there many a time and its also possible to completely miss the ball with those type of chances, so at least he didn't do that!!!
  8. Just watched the highlights and Clarke to WamBaham at the end was actually a perfectly weighted quality pass. Poor finish prevented us taking the ultimate smash and grab. Roll on Saturday..
  9. I am also of this opinion, means the defender(s) has to think a bit more. If he played like last nite on his debut he would have forever derided as 'rubbish' and not given a chance by lots of our fans. He did actually start central, but after a wild flying left foot 'volley' into the ground, a gangly three touch 40 yard run into the main stand lower and something else l can't quite recall, he was moved out wide. Unlucky at the end when Clarke proper smashed it at him and he cudnt quite sort his feet for the first time finish.
  10. ooh look at me look at me I'm better than you bc I don't actually watch the team we all profess(80% sure that's a real word) to support I just come on here to tell you all about it and feel superior
  11. Ntambwe loves a foul doesn't he. Got away w it at weekend, but last nites ref was having none of it. He did at least pass the ball sometimes, instead of just 'doing a Pidge' and ignoring the easy pass in favour of smacking it 70 yards out for a goal kick.
  12. BBC Radio Manc broadcast the Bolton match even when it is being broadcast by another station in Bolton, the iFollow commentary on sat was the also the radio commentary. Think it mite even be called Bolton FM It is completely uncalled for bias from the bbc and anybody who says otherwise is either lying, deluded or both.
  13. Yes Piergiani humping it long when there is a clear man open is proper fuckin annoying happens multiple times every match proper Guy Branstonesque sort it out.
  14. Can't get my head round them five changes. Clarke chap looks like he can play. On form and performance it's a fantastic point. Rowe class. Dearnley lookin good. Barnett shit after he got booked, but what a delivery on the lad.
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