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  1. Of course it is. Remember the best players at school who were millions better than us and even they couldn't make it because they aren't as good as these. That's the whole point of proper sport in a way, tests all parts of you.
  2. What a ridiculous post. para 1. Tell a lie/make something up para 2. Admit para one is said lie by admitting you have done no research into it. para 3. Try and convince yourself that letting another talented youngster slip away for nowt is a good thing. off camera. ignorantly bumble off into another situation. .
  3. He's just a div, just a div. He's just a div. fuckin brilliant.
  4. Can't remember who it is on here that was deaf to how shit artificial pitches are but wonder if they closed their ears to that bit
  5. How am l supposed to look at this and accept that sacking Kewell was the right thing to do???? BazALMo FUCK OFF OUT OF OUR CLUB.
  6. Completely different argument in which we would almost certainly find ourselves in total agreement were we to have it
  7. Well, not 'proper' concerned, because it's a many variable perfect storm, but the maths is certainly there.
  8. l'm proper concerned. Sacking a manager who was making progress and temporarily appointing his polar opposite but not backing him to be even here next year seems like the epitome of a chapter called seemingly impossible relegation story in the Latics digital only picturebook of slowly (slowly) inexible gloomy sinkingness
  9. l call ignorant, half baked, attention seeking bullshit. Hamer, Tarky, Emmerson, Edmndson all far better than average and didn't take 40 years to come through. lf l could be arsed l'd remember loads more, but you don't actually mean it and proving you wrong has become repetetively tedious.
  10. expect him to win promotion w bolton this season
  11. I'd say that was high considering it doesnt happen for a quarter of a year, theres a summer yet and uncertainty over a pandemic which might have made people who purchased one for this season feel a bit silly. Its about 400 times higher than anybody should actually expect IMO.
  12. ps yeah he was mega was weird how that happened should have gone la liga on loan to grow but swansea had that real madrid chap so he went there instead and English Football destroyed him
  13. ahhhh fuck not managed to use that word for a couple o years, missed a trick there Brain must be waitin for the Ashes
  14. Lawlor Adams Jombati Pidge Diarra Badan Ntambe McAlamont Hilsner Bam McAleny 2-0 McAleny Whelan (came on for Macca on 60mins)
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