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LJ thanks Playershare contributors

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Apologies I don't know if the link from the official site at the bottom of the article work but here is the the story



Manager Lee Johnson has sent a special thank you to Playershare for allowing him money to sign Rhys Murphy on deadline day.

Murphy, who joined the club from Dagenham & Redbridge, signed late last night with help from the Playershare scheme and Johnson is grateful for the support as without the input, the deal may not have happened.


He said: "It was great to be able to use the Playershare money to help bring in Rhys Murphy. There is no doubt the money helped us nudge the transfer over the line.


"The Playershare scheme has proved hugely popular this year with the signing of George Elokobi and hopefully the use of this money will be just as successful.


"Much appreciation goes to all those that contribute to the scheme."


Richard Attwood, Playershare chairman, said: "This latest signing shows even the smallest donation goes a long way to helping the club and the gaffer bring in players that may not have otherwise come to the club. When needed, Playershare will always assist Lee Johnson's requests.


"If any supporters are interested in Playershare, they can look on www.laticsplayershare.co.uk or contact me on 07720849866."


Read more at http://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/article/johnson-thanks-playershare-2246270.aspx#sSzWXVE1oezWa7PG.99

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Someone mentioned that LJ contributes to the scheme - nice touch.



Though I did see a rather nice looking Aston Martin parked outside the ground last night with the plate "8 LDJ" on it....if that belongs to the gaffer then (a) nice taste in cars, and ( B) he can probably afford a few quid a week via a S/O.

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He is a subscriber and it is a scheme he is very greatful of because without it, the murphy signing might not have happened.

A massive thank you to all who use this site and contribute in any way.


OWTB contributes a huge percentage to the money we raise for playershare.

The pot is now nearly empty though after our latest donation and we want to build as big a war chest for LJ to use in the summer as possible. Contributers have gone up since we signed Rhys and we want to build on all the hard work everyone has been doing to raise as much cash as we can. If anyone would like a form sending then pm me your address, or a badge. Don't forget to use the webshop and download the webshop app and let's have some pledges for weekends game and how the rest of the season will pan out. We have donated over £20000 this season and that is a huge effort.

Thank you for your continued support.

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