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Trust Oldham and playershare meetings next week

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Dear all


Apologies for the lateness in the day but there are two meetings planned next week that could be of interest to you.


Trust Oldham committee meeting. Monday 16th march. At the O2 suite boundary park. The monthly Meeting is a board meeting and as such is not an open meeting (however as usual the first 30mins are open for questions/views).

If you are interested in joining the board of Trust Oldham or would just like to know more, email askthetrust@trustoldham.co.uk , we are looking for a range of skills to strengthen the board at the upcoming AGM.

We'll be announcing details of an Open Meeting to be held in April next week which will have representatives from the club present.


playershare committee meeting. Wednesday 18th March. 7.15pm at the White Hart Rochdale rd. this is an open session for all fans to come and meet the playershare team, witness our meeting and plans for the future too. If you can't attend but have a question/suggestion then please post in the pinned playershare thread at the top of the forum and I will log and get answers for you.


Thanks everyone, now I'm going to pray to the footy gods to be kind to us tomoz and give us a win.

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Dear all


I've been away for a week so I will post the playershare notes as soon as I've typed them up. But yes Clifford is right, the playershare kitty is almost empty, think there is about £1k in it and four new members have signed up to standing orders too.


playershare are having a fundraiser after the chesterfield match at the Milan bar, it's an evening with Ricky Holden, Tickets are £8 each with a support included and payment can be made via paypal


Trust meeting notes will be posted on the trust website as soon as they are approved.



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