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  1. There's no way Curle is in demand from anyone. Judging from these soundbites he obviously doesn't understand our fanbase, straight talking does not go down well, we need someone delusional to tap into the Bovis market.
  2. So much for that Foundation questionnaire asking for approval of the appointment...
  3. Can't imagine there being any significant costs involved in a few lads turning up for training.
  4. I doubt there is any rigorous assessments going on, just be having a nosy to see if any are worth a second look in the summer.
  5. Given there was no threat of promotion or relegation when he came in he had a free hit to try things out, which is exactly what he has done.
  6. I apologise for my previous use of the word autonomy.
  7. I agree, they were fully justified. As I've said before if you want the media/wider football world to pay more attention then you need more strings to your bow than just being shit. A cobbled together half hearted protest on Saturday would achieve nothing.
  8. 100 spotty yoofs in fake Stone Island gear causing a scene isn't going to have the desired effect especially as everyone is disappearing for the summer. For me protest would be something you fully commit to sustaining and that can only really come from the Foundation and PTB.
  9. I think they are probably already aware of the fans feelings towards them. Any protest on Saturday would just be looked at as copying what United did.
  10. We are about 11 better players from walking anything.
  11. I'm not sure you go to the trouble of appointing someone like Curle and then try to force a load of players he doesn't want on him, time will tell I guess.
  12. No manager/coach gets full recruitment autonomy under this ownership, I can't believe this would be a shock to Curle at this stage, as long as he gets the players he wants and can pick the team he wants that would surely be enough.
  13. Thought they were grants rather than loans in L1 and 2, albeit with terms attached?
  14. If season ticket take up is so low then the price is irrelevant surely. You can't charge the fans who are buying more to make up for the shortfall. We don't generally buy players anyway so the monitored grants thing isn't really an issue in that sense.
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