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  1. Lawlor is quite good with his feet, might be worth trying him in midfield.
  2. Perhaps those doing the recruitment should have identified these issues.
  3. Wheater is taking them to court allegedly, I don't think there is any coming back from that.
  4. Data said we'd been playing a bit better than the results so far, hopefully the Arsenal lad can come in and help tighten things up at the back and we can start to look up, busy schedule ahead.
  5. 2-1 to the Tics, release the pressure valve a bit.
  6. Arsenal lad looks a unit. Not expecting much from the other two, squad fillers.
  7. Seems to be some very sensible proposals in there amongst some not so sensible ones.
  8. What are his intentions? Surely he wants to play somewhere?
  9. The name alone wouldn't be enough, still need a core of rich fans to kickstart things, are they out there? Plus our fans moan at watching L2 football, not convinced they turn up in great numbers to watch county level fare...
  10. Not much scope for starvation given they've had the ST money and there's little prospect of fans in grounds for a while. Plus our 'plight' doesn't really compare to what other clubs have gone through.
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