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  1. It is perfectly acceptable when that's where your budget suggests you should be.
  2. Well I don't know who the trialists were but you could imagine Curle wanted to have a last look at them before making decisions this week.
  3. Starting XI pretty much picks itself at this stage I'd say.
  4. Bad result but there was only 2-3 max involved who will start next week.
  5. We'll be alright, lower bottom half, Sutton and Swindon for the drop, Port Vale and Tranmere to slug it out for the title.
  6. It all seemed like a massive inconvenience to Flynn, not sure why he is involved if that is his usual attitude. Phillippa pretty much admitted that having the Trust rep on the board is pointless due to the conflict of interests between the roles. They said they haven't found roles for 13 volunteers despite asking for volunteers. Tracy and Mark Harrington seem very sound. Matt Dean would be an excellent figurehead for the organisation going forward.
  7. Always happy to bow to your superior knowledge Pat.
  8. He's only been gone 2 years, find it hard to believe they were cashing out before the ink was even dry on his contract...
  9. Less home fans for a midweek friendly, hardly eye opening.
  10. Nah, not having it, who initiates the call, them or us?
  11. Well they don't seem to have tickets on sale for their first away match either so must be just as useless.
  12. Mo can spend the lot in Costa Coffee if he wants, it is none of our business frankly.
  13. Odd that someone who has been in the game would be so clueless/naive as to how it works.
  14. No doubt he was treated shabbily but I'll never get my head around someone of his standing opting to sit out 18 months and counting of a career. Does he mention wanting to carry on playing?
  15. Think they will do very well to avoid relegation given where they are starting from.
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