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  1. Who's arsed about 'fairness', we should just be pleased that supporters are being allowed back into events and hopefully life can continue to return to some normality.
  2. Perhaps time for the fanbase to rein in the hysterics after every defeat and give the coach the space to try and build something.
  3. Not looking such a bad result after all...
  4. I seem to remember the Exeter game being pretty tight until Wheater punched it off the line and got sent off? Crewe were arguably the best team in the league. Hard to beat perhaps not the right phrase but there were signs at least that the bleeding had been stopped and a half decent team beginning to emerge.
  5. Maamria was making us hard to beat and a lot of the fans were delighted to see the back of him...
  6. A lot on there just seem to think they can say whatever they want to them and start crying when they get a bit back, I like the fact that they aren't just prepared to be human dartboards.
  7. I think it matters but not to the extent some like to think, I mean I very much doubt any of the exes you quote would have this squad much further up the table.
  8. How many of our players would get into one of the top 7, top 10 sides?
  9. Have they said he is now available for first team selection? Haven't seen or heard anything.
  10. Think it would be fair to say anybody other than us would be mortified to see Sheridan announced as their manager whereas plenty would be happy with Wellens.
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