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  1. They must be an half decent side, they were favourites for the title not long ago.
  2. I think with four relegation spots in L1 it is much easier to be dragged in, we've still got a bit of work to do to secure status but don't think we need to be talking ourselves into a relegation scrap at this point.
  3. We'd have to lose 8/9 on the bounce to get dragged into it, nothing to suggest that is likely.
  4. It was a disappointing performance and result last night but I'm happy to put it down to fatigue and the other team just being better on the day rather than a sign of some oncoming malaise.
  5. We drew at Tranmere a few days ago, falling apart seems a bit extreme.
  6. Do Directors of Football generally do interviews as a matter of course? Can't say I'm particularly interested in anything ours might have to say.
  7. The salary cap could have been a potential leveller for next season (it possibly has been this season, time will tell) , now that's not going ahead those clubs with the deepest pockets will again be at an advantage.
  8. I think you can reasonably expect Garrity to get around the pitch and chip in with the odd goal, I don't know what we can reasonably expect from Tasmedir at this early stage.
  9. Think Saturdays effort with 10 men told tonight, never got going. Garrity has his flaws but he does give you legs in midfield, the lad from Peterborough doesn't look like he's up to much at this early stage.
  10. 7 players with more than 1500 minutes, is rotation as big an issue as people think it is?
  11. Unless we stumble across a coach or group of players who can outperform the framework then reasonable is as good as it is likely to get.
  12. Chanting Ooh Roger Palmer at black stewards is pretty racist.
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