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League Tables 27.08.2016


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Premier League


disjointed takes over at the top, no doubt helped by picking up attendance points for the fourth successive game :applause1: , but nzlatic soars into a Champions League place racking up 7 places to 3rd :chubb: . rosa and stevesidg move up 5 places each :OASISscarf: , whilst former Champion, DavidCollinge, falls the furthest, down 5 places :thumbsdown: .






BP1960 joins the top four :chubb: whilst Hometownclub just clings on to top spot :first: . Laticsbiffo is the highest climber (up 5) :applause1: , with Oafc1895 falling 4 places :sign0007: . opinions4U is the attendance king with a third consecutive success :scarf001: .



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Well at least my points should keep 24hrs quiet about the premier league being behind in the points scoring. Or perhaps there will be something else gnawing away at him.

You just know he'll find something to bitch about.


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