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Proposed build on greenbelt land oldham

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Dear all.


GMSF are proposing several sites across the GM area be used for industrial and house builds.


Middleton, Chadderton, Royton and shaw are effected. This includes green belt land at the bottom of Tandle hill park that will run the length of the A627 corridor on both sides (stake hill too). Also around thornham road and across the road into hanging chadder. Part of the oldham way walk.


You have until 16.01.17 to officially lodge any protests and there are groups about on social media that are planning walks and have templates for you to use with regards to emails and letters.


Please look at facebook pages called save Roytons green belt and of course there are others about too.


So if you are interested in saving what we have....get involved



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Utter nonsense and will cost a council thousands and the second round of draft maps later in 2017 reflect anomalies SOME land is needed for building but PLENTY of it without touching the open countryside. Sadly some just object to any building if they can see it conveniently forgetting what came before own house getting in way of genuine development in sensible locations.


The Shaw Royton issues are long standing. Mum and Dad lived on Dorset Ave at Shaw in 1963 a school was to be built behind Surrey Ave, Denbigh Drive, access off Edward Road and land over to Cowlishaw , Fittons Farm and Golf Club was to be built on with access off Edward Road and Denbigh Drive. That appears to have changed to new plans.


Hope sense prevails in Royton Shaw.

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