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The new rene higuita

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well what a good game of football.....well worth the 22 notes and its been a while since I've said that.


placide was worth the entrance fee alone...he will be caught on the ball on the wing at some point this season and give a goal or two away but looks a good footballer and caught well. can see why he used to play for france u-21 now as clearly has a lot of talent. doyle also played well with byrne who is a very good footballer but gave it away too much for me tonight. see some people raving about fane, he tackles well and will be worth his weight in gold in winter months but not good enough for me to play in middle whilst pitches are good. pub footballer standard. banks running their striker through onto goal was him all over. hunt can't play wing back for me and back 3 needs some work but team is in miles better shape than in previous years. def won't be down at bottom for too much longer once the team get used to formation and playing with each other. 


these new players will have plenty of ability just need a manager who can keep them interested. don't want to be a newcastle when all the french players basically went on strike as one had been mistreated by the manager. anyway looking forward to the new appointment now and getting to a few more games as if they are like that tonight they will be a good watch

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28 minutes ago, ChrisRichard said:

Why have we been pissing around with second rate GKs? He's way better than the other two. 

Agreed. Was not Shez's signing so not picked. Had a presence which Wilson lacks and more experienced than our Wolves youngster


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